Tampines Girl Chanced Upon Baey Yam Keng’s TikTok Live Not Knowing Who He Is

Some MPs like Baey Yam Keng are known for having a strong social media game, regularly conducting live sessions online.

On Sunday (7 Feb), he was conducting a TikTok live when a Singaporean TikTok user randomly chanced upon it.

Humorously, the Tampines resident did not know he was an MP – and her very own MP at that – until netizens started commenting about it.

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She later shared her embarrassment on her TikTok to which Mr Baey good-naturedly reposted.

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Girl finds out she’s on TikTok live with MP Baey Yam Keng

On Sunday (7 Feb) at 10pm, a girl living in Tampines randomly chanced upon a TikTok live session.

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Unbeknownst to her, she was speaking to her GRC MP Baey Yam Keng.

As comments of the live session started pouring in, people were telling her that Mr Baey is an MP.

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At this moment, she asked in shock if he was an MP.

Mr Baey casually replied, “Yes, can you see the word? Tampines”, pointing to his shirt.

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The young TikToker was shook by the realisation that she was chatting with an MP.

Just realised Baey Yam Keng is her MP

Soon, another wave of panic hit her when Mr Baey asked where she lives in Singapore.

Tiktok MP Baey


She stuttered amidst nervous laughter as she admitted he was her MP.


This time, it was Mr Baey’s turn to be shocked as he realised she lived in his constituency but did not know him.

Smilingly, he remarked that this was his failure.


The Tampines resident then responded that it was probably more of a failure on her part for not knowing who he was.


Mr Baey is Tampines’ own Bae

A polite and fun exchange then ensued where Mr Baey introduced his name.

The TikToker then decided to read the comments again, where many netizens were jokingly addressing Mr Baey as bae.

Apparently, people were telling her that Mr Baey is often referred to as “Our Tampines Bae”.


But Mr Baey laughed in good fun at the whole situation.

They soon bade farewell and in her last wave of nervousness, she accidentally cut him off mid-sentence as she laughed to herself in awkwardness.


Tampines resident says she will always remember Mr Baey

After the session, the TikToker shared footage of the live session on her TikTok, using the clown emoji to describe herself not knowing who Mr Baey was.


The TikTok video went viral, garnering over 62,500 views at the time of writing.

Mr Baey also reposted the TikTok, saying it was good to catch up.

The Tampines resident then commented that she will always remember him now.


She laughed at herself, thanking the MP for being so cool about the entire situation.

A hilariously awkward encounter

TikTokers certainly wouldn’t expect to chance upon an MP when scrolling through TikTok live sessions.

This was certainly a hilariously awkward encounter for both the MP and Tampines resident.

Well, at least Mr Baey achieved his goal of reaching out to younger residents through these live sessions!

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Featured image adapted from TikTok.