80-Year-Old Malaysian Uncle Has Been Selling Bak Kwa Buns For 4 Decades

At the ripe old age of 80, most should ideally be enjoying their retirement. Some, however, do not have the luxury of doing so.

According to a Facebook post dated 6 Nov, an 80-year-old uncle from Kuala Lumpur (KL), Malaysia continues to sell bak kwa buns so he can earn enough to survive.


Bak kwa sandwiches for just S$1

According to the post, the elderly uncle works from a worn-out red motorcycle outside ICC Pudu, an indoor market in KL.


He sells bak kwa sandwiches at just S$1 (RM3) and is swift in preparing the snack — presumably owing to his decades of experience.

The uncle claims he earns less than S$0.30 (RM1) for each sandwich he sells but remains grateful for having the chance to make an honest living.


He sells about 30-50 sandwiches a day, which he states is enough for him to yum cha – meaning ‘drink tea’ in Cantonese – from time to time.

According to netizens, the uncle’s sandwich tastes really good for its price.

A netizen enjoying the uncle’s bak kwa sandwich

Has no one to take care of him

Despite being in his 80s, the uncle reportedly has no one to take care of him. He is currently single and has no contact with his siblings.


According to World of Buzz, the uncle is contented with just being healthy and doesn’t expect much in life.

The uncle, who worked previously as a construction worker, has problem with his lower limbs. He reportedly left the construction industry as a result of his leg injuries.


Sells buns no matter rain or shine

The strong-hearted uncle can be found outside ICC Pudu, no matter rain or shine.

However, his operating hours are unclear.

If you happened to be around the area, make sure to help the uncle out by patronising his bak kwa buns stall.

Featured image adapted from Facebook.