Bangkok Café Combines Roman Architecture & Modern Glass Walls, Looks Like A Bond Villain’s Lair

Davin Café In Bangkok Looks Like A Bond Villain’s Lair With Roman Architecture & Glass Walls

When you think of a Bond villain, images of dark and grimy hideouts come to mind.

Although that aesthetic fits a scheming mastermind to a tee, the brains behind this café in Bangkok think that it’s also a perfect stage to sip on some coffee on a day out.

Davin Café is Bangkok’s latest addition to its litany of Insta-worthy coffee shops.

Source: @keerisnith on Instagram

Combining Roman architecture, high ceilings, and a contrasting modern interior, this café wouldn’t look out of place as the backdrop of the next Bond movie.

Sit tight as we take a virtual tour around this Roman-inspired café.

Bangkok café entrance looks like a Bond villain’s lair

Hunting for your next go-to cuppa can often lead you to the most unexpected of places — holes-in-the-wall, pop-up shops and sometimes, even a pantheon in the heart of Bangkok.

The larger-than-life portico is a grand entrance that compasses a mix of styles.

Some of the pillars are intentionally exposed, showing a metal beam inside the supposed granite columns.

Source: @davidnakamurah on Instagram

At the top of each beam are also neon lights shaped to mimic an ionic column which shines in white when turned on.

Source: @wavexwc on Instagram

On both sides of the portico, tall destroyed concrete walls are patched up with glass panels, allowing outsiders to take a peek inside.

But if you’re on the side of evil, it’s probably a surefire way to see James Bond pulling up in his signature sportscar.

Greek sculptures tower above coffee-loving cafegoers in Bond villain’s lair

Taking a step inside, visitors will find a large two-floor space that resembles a warehouse.

Source: @keerisnith on Instagram

The tall ceiling is complemented by an orange light structure that illuminates the central bar area.

Source: @keerisnith on Instagram

This is essentially where the magic happens as baristas conjure up your perfect cup of coffee.

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As with most cafés these days, they’ll brew a cup from your choice of coffee bean blends from around the world.

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Take your pick from their slow or fast bars, depending on how you consume your coffee.

Once you’re done ordering, you can pick from one of the many seats and admire the many towering renaissance sculptures throughout the café.

Source: @keerisnith on Instagram

Imitation aside, the imposing aura from Venus de Milo and Michaelangelo’s David would remind even the rowdiest customers to settle down.

Bring the extra luggage for IG-worthy pics

Not just a place for speciality coffee, Davin Café also offers sweet treats like cakes and croissants.

Word on the street is that the café is offering discounts on the menu until next Friday (1 Jul), when they’ll be fully open for business.

With trips to Bangkok back on the menu, we can finally start moving the long-awaited trip out of the group chats and into reality.

Until then, save this destination as a must-go the next time you head over to the Land of Smiles.

Davin Café
Address: 108 Khlong Lam Chiak Rd, Khwaeng Nawamin, Khet Bueng Kum, Bangkok 10230, Thailand
Opening Hours: 7 am-5.30 pm (Daily)
Social Media: @davincafethailand on Instagram 

Shorts, dresses and slippers are a staple for the scorching days in Chatuchak, but don’t forget to dress up to the nines if you’re planning a trip to Davin Café. Chances are, the gorgeous pictures will be worth the extra luggage weight.

Rewrite new Bangkok memories on your next trip

Those of us who have had fond memories of Bangkok may need to rewrite some new ones if we ever go back.

Like a number of establishments in Singapore, some of our favourite destinations in Bangkok might not have survived the pandemic.

So, for what it’s worth, it’s a great time to start compiling all the must-go places into a Bangkok itinerary for 2022.

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