Bangkok Weekend Trips Tough In Post-Covid World, Says PM Lee Hsien Loong

Singaporeans Probably Can’t Take Weekend Trips To Bangkok Or Hong Kong In The Near Future

Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong gave his speech on 7 Jun about how the Government will lead Singapore out from Covid-19, into a different world.


One big example of the new future we’ll be facing is that we won’t be able to take cheap weekend trips to neighbouring countries like Thailand and Hong Kong.

But that’s hardly the worst news, as millions of jobs will be lost due to Covid-19.

Read on for a brief on what PM Lee said in his speech.

International travel much less frequent

A takeaway from what we’ve faced in the past few months is the lack of movement.

We can’t just go on a trip without much planning, for multiple reasons. Every country is concerned about imported cases.

There’ll also be health checks and quarantines everywhere we travel — this is the new reality we’ll be facing.

We may have to give health declarations every time we travel, too.

Due to all of this, the tourism, hotel and aviation industries have been hit hard, and may “never fully recover”.

Well-placed to face challenges

Singapore, of course, has been particularly hit by travel restrictions. We’re highly dependent on tourism and aviation, and Changi Airport is the pride of our nation.

But we’re moving forward, albeit slowly, as we don’t want a resurgence of cases.

Changi Airport is opening up gradually, both to safe markets and for transits.

This is a sign that our economy can reopen slowly, though things will be vastly different.

We may not be able to take unplanned trips overseas, but we also have to prioritise safety as we head into a new future. Hence, the first priority should be to beat Covid-19 first.

Featured image adapted from Facebook.

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