Bangladeshi Boy Sneaks Into Shipping Container While Playing Hide & Seek, Ends Up In M’sia

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Bangladeshi Boy Ends Up In Malaysia After Hiding In Shipping Container During Hide & Seek Game

When playing hide and seek, players may entertain the idea of their friends never finding them throughout the game. Hoping to never blow their cover, they’ll stay in hiding for a long time.

That was what must’ve crossed this Bangladeshi boy’s mind when he snuck into a shipping container during such a game.

He ended up falling asleep inside and was whisked away on a vessel along with the container. He was found in Malaysia six days later.

Source: @al_zach90 on TikTok

Hungry and in shock, the authorities later dismissed the theory that he was a victim of human trafficking and sent him to a hospital for a health check-up.

Bangladeshi boy visibly confused when exiting shipping container

According to The New Straits Times, the authorities discovered the lost child after hearing knocking from inside a shipping container.

Port workers then pried the container open, only for a gangling kid to come walking through the doors.

A video of this moment has circulated online, showing the boy understandably confused by his foreign surroundings.


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Authorities gestured for the kid to sit down as the video ends.

Source: @al_zach90 on TikTok

In another video, the boy conversed with local authorities and managed to tell them his name.

Source: @jnmalaysia on Twitter

The person talking to the boy seemed to explain to those around him that the boy speaks in a different dialect from what he understands.

Boy sent back home on the same vessel

The Daily Mail reports that the kid found himself stuck in the container after playing a game of hide-and-seek in Chittagong, Bangladesh, on 11 Jan.

After falling asleep, he went on a six-day-long journey across the Indian Ocean and arrived in Port Klang in Malaysia.

The boy, identified only as Fahim, was found with a fever and taken to Tengku Ampuan Rahimah Hospital nearby for treatment.

Although authorities first feared that he was a victim of human trafficking, they later learned of his story and rubbished the theory.

Reports claim that the boy was sent home on the same vessel.

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Featured image adapted from @al_zach90 on TikTok and @jnmalaysia on Twitter.

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