BBQ Pits & Campsites Available For Booking Since 13 Jan

The Covid-19 pandemic left everyone in the pits in 2020, but we’re all set to rise from the ashes come Wednesday (20 Jan), when BBQ pits reopen in parks. We can also look forward to pitching tents outside at campsites and not in our homes on the same day, according to NParks.

Campsites and BBQ pits were closed since last year owing to safe management measures against Covid-19.

To enjoy the great outdoors again, however, one will have to apply for a permit.

You can do so via AXS, or a separate form if you’re camping on Pulau Ubin.

Apply for BBQ pits & campsites permit via AXS

According to the NParks website, applications for both camping and BBQ pits have been open on AXS since 9am on 13 Jan.

If you’re intending to venture off the mainland and camp on Pulau Ubin, you should apply via this form instead.

In case you didn’t know before, there are new rules for use of BBQ pits.

In light of current safe management measures, only up to 8 people are allowed to a pit.


Additionally, all BBQ activities must cease by 10.30pm.

Camps limited to 6 per permit

Camping during Phase 3 is also subject to some new rules.

Firstly, there should be a 5 metre distance between camping tents.

Your camp entourage should also be limited to 6 people per permit, which is lower than the standard 8 for gatherings during this period.


Back to the outdoors with BBQ and camping

The weather is forecast to be less wet and cold in the next fortnight, so this is likely a good time to be one with nature again.

Many are probably missing whipping up ratchet coke prawns at the BBQ pit or sharing your blood with the mosquitos, so this is a welcome return.

Just ensure that you keep to safe management measures, and that you don’t continue your BBQ activities after 10.30pm.

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Featured image adapted from NParks.