Men Rescue Cat From Drowning In Bedok Reservoir Canal, Operation Took 20 Minutes In Rain

Men Mounted Rescue Operation To Save Cat In Canal On 30 Nov

UPDATE (5 Dec): In response to MS News‘ queries, Dr Chang Siow Foong — group director of Animal & Veterinary Service (AVS) — confirmed that they were alerted to the cat on 30 Nov 2023.

The cat is currently under AVS’ care and is assessed to be recovering well.

The rainy season is definitely upon those in Singapore, with wet weather becoming an almost daily occurrence.

While most people would be seeking shelter from the rain, a group of men braved the storm to save a stranded cat.

Bedok Reservoir resident Zul spotted the tiny feline in a canal while coming home from a run.

He then posted a video on TikTok documenting the subsequent rescue operation.

@zulawab WATCH TILL THE END. The cat was in the drainage for f*cking 3 days as i was told by a lady that called @Singapore Civil Defence Force and they diverted to @National Parks Board Singapore Singapore.. 3 Bloody days… Thank you Fiq and Mohammed from Team Savage Rigging for coming down from Sungai Kadut to Bedok Reservoir.. Respect to you both.#catrescue ♬ original sound – zulawab

Bedok reservoir resident chanced upon stranded cat in canal

On Thursday (30 Nov), Zul went for a run along his usual route in Bedok Reservoir.

He completed his run at around 5pm and opted to take a different route home — one that passed by a canal.

It was along this path that he spotted a black-and-white cat in the large drain.

Source: @zulawab on TikTok

While observing the feline, Zul grew more anxious as it started to drizzle and attempted to find a ladder leading into the canal.

However, his efforts came to naught as he couldn’t secure safe access to the stranded feline.

Zul then called his wife as the rain grew heavier, and asked her to come down with rope, towels, and whatever they could use to rescue the animal.

At this point, the canal had started to fill up with rainwater, Zul told MS News.

Source: @zulawab on TikTok

Unfortunately for the cat, it had to cling on to avoid getting swept away in the current.

Source: @zulawab on TikTok

The fearful feline also resisted Zul’s initial rescue attempt, which he described as “dramatic”.

Called for backup to rescue the cat

After realising that he needed more help, Zul decided to call for backup from some “guys” that he’d worked with before.

Syafiq and Mohammad from Savage Rigging, a rope access company, had just finished a job in Sungai Kadut when they received Zul’s distress call.

They then rushed down to Bedok Reservoir, equipped with harnesses and headlamps.

Zul told MS News that it was already dark when they arrived, which added to the risk.

Rescue mission took about 20 minutes in the rain

However, the men were undeterred and rappeled down the canal to begin their rescue mission.

Source: @zulawab on TikTok

Zul observed that the cat remained fearful and ran away from the two men.

The operation came to a climax when Syafiq and Mohammad had no choice but to follow the feline into a pitch-black tunnel where it had escaped.

That said, Zul and other bystanders who had stopped in the rain, waited anxiously for the pair to reappear.

By then the water in the canal had thankfully receded, noted Zul.

They reappeared about three to four minutes later, with the cat safely secured in a bag.

Photo courtesy of Zul

“Thank you Fiq and Mohammed from Team Savage Rigging for coming down from Sungai Kadut to Bedok Reservoir. Respect to you both,” said Zul in his TikTok caption.

The entire cat rescue operation had taken approximately 20 minutes, and based on the clips, it was raining throughout.

Source: @zulawab on TikTok

Cat was allegedly stuck in the canal for three days

Zul’s video has gone viral since he posted it on TikTok yesterday (1 Dec), with over 300,000 views at the time of writing.

Although they had successfully managed to rescue the cat, Zul noted that it could’ve been handled by the relevant authorities in a timelier fashion.

MS News understands that AVS was alerted to the cat in the canal on 28 Nov. However, the feline was moving freely in the canal and went off when AVS’ contractors attempted to rescue it.

Another resident who witnessed the rescue informed Zul that she had spotted the cat a few days prior.

Worried for the feline’s welfare, she had reportedly contacted the Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF) who directed her to NParks.

In the video, there appeared to be NParks contractors present at the time of the rescue. Zul also told MS News that they took the cat with them afterwards.

MS News has reached out to NParks and will update this story when they get back.

Nonetheless, it must be a relief to all the parties that the cat is safe and sound. Kudos to the team who bravely weathered the conditions to save an innocent animal.

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