Former Bedok North Secondary School Site Will House 400 Workers As Dormitory

Bedok North Secondary School’s old campus will be used as a temporary dormitory for migrant workers in essential jobs, Aljunied GRC MP Pritam Singh announced on 20 May.


Mr Singh, who is in charge of the Enuos area, was told by the Ministry of Education (MOE) about the plan last week.

After Bedok North Secondary merged with Damai Secondary in 2018, the buildings were left vacant.

The school site can hold about 400 workers and although they’re not moving in yet, MOE is currently preparing the place for living.

Rooms will have water dispenser and WiFi, showers to be installed

Mr Singh shared that on a room inspection conducted yesterday (19 May), he found water dispensers in each room, as well as a WiFi point.

There are of course, bed and cupboards, which are safely distanced.

Showers were also installed via additional piping, as school toilets typically don’t contain them.

Buses will transport workers to and from dormitory

The workers staying at the dorm won’t be able to leave the premises, except for work purposes.

Buses will handle the workers’ transportation to and from their workplaces, while employers will take care of their daily necessities.

These strict measures are in place to ensure that there is no Covid-19 spread in the community.

Props to MOE for offering space for essential workers

There are several school buildings which were left unused after they closed or merged.

Now in a time when more space than ever is needed, we’re glad that MOE has stepped up to give migrant workers a temporary place.


Props to them, as well as the MPs involved, for facilitating the plans. Hopefully, the spaces can continue to be put to good use for the community.

Featured image adapted from Twitter.