HDB & PUB Debunk Bedok Resident’s Claims Of Inaction Towards New Flat Issues

When one moves into a new house, the last thing they probably expect is to be faced with numerous issues surrounding the building.

One resident living at Belvia, located in Bedok Reservoir, has apparently been plagued with numerous issues since 2015, when they moved into the HDB unit.

From issues with the floor and ceiling, to the water supply being contaminated, the owner calls the situation a “nightmare”.

She describes her ordeal in a Facebook post – published 4 Jul – noting that the government had failed to take action despite her multiple complaints. As the post is a lengthy one, we summarise it for you after the jump.


However, both the Housing Development Board (HDB) and Public Utilities Board (PUB) have publicly addressed the issue, saying that the woman’s claims were not true.

Floor & windows wet due to condensation

From the post, it looks like the OP is experiencing a host of issues surrounding the flat.

The first one deals with what seems to be condensation forming whenever a downstairs neighbour turns on their air-conditioning along with hot showers.


Both the floor and windows become wet due to the dampness.


The air-conditioning from other units also somehow appear to reach the flat.

Nightmarish bathrooms

Whenever neighbours perform their excretory duties, the smell is somehow able to penetrate into the unit.

It extends even to what the neighbours ate or drank — the OP is able to describe garlic/onion excretions, as well as the green tea that their neighbour drinks.

That’s probably information that only a doctor should know. From the pictures shown, the bacteria sticks to the walls.


It doesn’t end there, however — there’s also bacteria found in the tap water.

Water samples from lab tests showed that the bacteria found in the water shouldn’t, well, exist in drinking water.

They range from pseudomonas to staphylococcus strains and even new bugs, that can cause various types of infections.

Note: The following pictures are rather disturbing. Viewer discretion is advised.


2 of the samples even exceeded permissible limits.


Lack of clean water due to contamination

PUB allegedly declared that the water is safe to drink, despite finding bacteria in samples.

The issue appeared to be plumbing-related, and unfortunately, the flat’s kitchen sink also fell victim to contamination in 2019.

Without the kitchen tap, which was the flat’s only clean source of water, the inhabitants were forced to adopt a different schedule to take advantage of when the bathroom activities stop — as the pipes get contaminated whenever they occur.

They describe having to eat their meals only at 3pm and near midnight, then going to bed at 4am. The toilets too, can only be used twice a day.

After their long and arduous ordeal, the netizen simply want the issue fixed.

They’ve even had to stay in their car to the point where they call it “(their) second home” because they can’t stand living in the flat anymore.

HDB & PUB responded to viral claims

Roughly a week after the post had gone viral, HDB and PUB have publicly addressed the issue, saying that the OP’s claims of government agencies failing to take action to resolve the issues, were untrue.

HDB said they carried out multiple site inspections since the OP’s first report in 2015. However, investigations revealed no defects in the sewage system and other areas.

PUB had also tested water samples from her flat, which showed that the water is safe for drinking.

Flat had poor ventilation & high humidity levels

According to HDB’s Facebook post, an indoor air quality specialist inspected the flat and found that:

  • Windows and doors were constantly closed, causing poor ventilation, and high temperature and humidity within the flat
  • Multiple cleaning chemicals were used to disinfect floors and walls
  • Microbial growth is also likely a result of poor ventilation and excessive washing

HDB noted that the OP did not follow the specialist’s advice to ventilate the flat.

Before living in her current flat, the OP had apparently, also reported similar issues in 2 previous flats.

In all of these cases, our inspections found the fittings and materials to be in order.

They also have not received similar feedback from other residents in the OP’s precinct.

Water sample results consistently return satisfactory

Meanwhile, PUB pointed out in their Facebook post that they have been attending to the OP’s feedback on water issues at all 3 places of residences since 2013.

Each time, officers had collected water samples for testing and checked on watermains serving her estate. All results returned satisfactory.

As for the OP’s most recent feedback – i.e. her complaint on Facebook – PUB has checked the watermains, conducted water quality checks at sampling points and leak detection work at her premises. No issues were found.

They too, noted that they received no similar feedback from residents in other units in her estate.

We have repeatedly explained that the many rounds of investigations and tests have shown that the water supplied to her is entirely satisfactory and safe for drinking.

Hopefully OP’s issues will be resolved soon

Now that HDB and PUB have publicly addressed the OP’s complaints, we do hope that OP will heed advice given so that the issues in her flat can be resolved promptly.

As HDB and PUB have done multiple checks, it would seem that the onus is now on the OP to work out an effective solution to the issues.

Featured image adapted from Facebook.