‘Cavalier’ & ‘presumptuous’: Bereaved family refutes company’s claim that they were understanding of Jalan Batu fallen casket incident

Bereaved family rejects claim that they were “understanding” of fallen casket incident

Earlier this week, footage of a casket falling during a funeral procession along Jalan Batu made its rounds online.

casket falls

Source: @pangco6 on TikTok

The funeral service company involved has since spoken to media, stating that the bereaved family was “understanding” of the situation.

In response, the family has refuted these claims.

In a statement to MS News, a member of the deceased’s family said it was “presumptuous” of the company to assume that the family did not blame them for the incident.

The family added that they were offended by the company’s “dismissive” and “cavalier” attitude.

Traumatised by the incident, the grieving family has requested a public apology from the funeral company for closure.

Bereaved family comes forth with statement regarding fallen casket incident

Following reports of the incident along Jalan Batu, a member of the deceased’s family has expressed their disagreement with Alliance Caskets and Funerals’ (ACF) portrayal of the family’s reaction.

In the statement, the family member rejected the narrative that the bereaved family was “understanding” of the situation and that they did not assign blame to the funeral service company.

They explained that the family did not want to kick up a big fuss on the day as they wanted to let funeral processions proceed.

However, they stated that it was “presumptuous” and “inaccurate” to imply that the bereaved family was “understanding”.

The family member said that as service providers, ACF should have ensured that the casket poles could withstand the weight of the coffin.

Source: @pangco6 on TikTok

According to the statement, the poles had “suddenly cracked”, causing the casket to fall off.

It also stated that the incident was “traumatic” and “distressing” for members of the family.

Demands public apology from funeral service providers

The family member was also offended by the ACF’s boss’ comments to 8world News, in which he pointed out that the deceased’s family and friends were holding the poles at the time.

In their view, the boss was implying that it was the pallbearers’ fault for dropping the casket.

Additionally, the relative said the family is deeply offended by ACF’s boss’ “dismissive” and “cavalier” attitude.

Noting that reports and footage of the incident have gone viral, the family is demanding a public apology from ACF:

Our family is deeply saddened and traumatised by what has happened and would like a fitting closure to this horrible experience.”

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