Lucky Couples Will Likely Get Bidadari 3-Room Flats In Nov’s Sale Of Balance Exercise

Toa Payoh 3-Room Flats Were Under Subscribed In Nov

You may recall the insanity that was May 2017’s BTO launch, where Bidadari was eagerly snapped up by BTO-hungry couples.


Bidadari’s Woodleigh Hillside flats even made headlines for being 4.5 times oversubscribed.

But observant couples may have found a way to still get a shot at living in the popular estate in this November’s Sale of Balance exercise.

Eclipsed by Tengah BTO launch

While many couples zoned in on the immensely attractive Tengah BTO launch, others who were trawling the Sale of Balance page noticed that 3-room flats in Toa Payoh were still available.


The wait was well worth it with a generous enough selection of Bidadari flats on high-floors still left up for grabs.

Bidadari Park Drive

102B – #12-207, #12-221
103A – #16-23
104A – #07-83
107A – #12-262, #12-264
212A – #05-503, #06-503, #07-503, #09-503, #16-505
213B – Lower floors: #03-587, #03-597, #04-587, #04-597, #05-587, #05-597, #06-587, #06-597
Higher floors: #08-587, #08-597, #09-587, #09-597, #13-587, #13-597, #14-587, #14-597, #16-587
213C – #03-607, #03-617, #04-607, #04-617 #05-607, #06-607, #07-607, #11-607
215B – #04-683, #04-685, #04-693, #05-683, #05-693, #10-685, #12-685
215C – #04-695, #05-695, #09-705

Alkaff Crescent

114A – #16-12, #15-16
114B – #09-34

As for the Ethnic Quota, there was a fair distribution of units available across all races as well.


The cherry on top was that some Bidadari flats would even be ready in less than 2 years, by 31 May 2021.

Toa Payoh 3-room flats under subscribed

November’s exercise closed on 19 Nov with a surprisingly low demand for 3-room flats in Toa Payoh. However, 4-room, 5-room/3Gen/Executive flats remained 5-6 times oversubscribed.


If the application rate closes below 1.0, this means that less couples applied for the flat than the units available for sale.

So couples in this round’s launch essentially struck the Toa Payoh BTO lottery, and stand a real chance at living in Bidadari.

Much ado about Bidadari

Bidadari is insanely popular with first-time flat applicants for multiple reasons.


The sprawling estate is well-connected to the North-East and Circle MRT Lines. While its central location have property gurus touting it as the next Bishan.

There’ll also be a massive park smacked in the centre of the estate featuring an entire lake. Perfect for nature lovers.


Bidadari boasts eco-friendly upgrades like energy-efficient lifts, greener waste disposal methods, and motion sensor lighting at shared spaces.

Those worried about the proximity to reputable school districts will not be disappointed by Bidadari’s offerings. These schools are in bidding distance:

  • Cedar Primary School
  • Cedar Girls’ Secondary School
  • Maris Stella High School
  • St. Andrew’s Junior School

Finally, experts believe the value of the flats will appreciate with time, following the price trajectory of Pinnacle @ Duxton in the future — which was home to units that sold for over a million dollars.

Congrats to the lucky couples

Of course, having under subscribed flats in Toa Payoh does not guarantee getting a flat at Bidadari for sure.

Couples will have to check if the flats available meet their needs. This detailed Bidadari BTO guide is extremely helpful in balancing priorities like sun-facing flats, noise reduction and proximity to public transport within the estate.

They can also choose other housing estates within Toa Payoh, which is still a desirable central location to start a family.

All the best to the other couples who are applying for their dream flats. Good things come to those who wait indeed.

Featured image from Property Fishing via HDB.

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