S’porean Woman Regrets Demanding Expensive Engagement Ring, Tells Girls To Go Easy On Their Partners

Married Woman Says Her Biggest Regret Is Expecting An Expensive Engagement Ring

A marriage proposal is a once-in-a-lifetime event for many, and some pull out all the stops for it.

Certain expectations come along with it, like offering a diamond ring.

Some people may see the ring as a representation of one’s love and expect a pretty sizeable rock as a result.


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However, one Singaporean TikToker has given her two cents on it, calling her expensive engagement ring her biggest regret.

Woman expresses regret over expecting engagement ring to be at least S$10,000

Earlier in May (13 May), Singaporean content creator @missonglai posted a TikTok video about her thoughts on expensive engagement rings.

Right off the bat, she revealed that her biggest regret was expecting a “super expensive” ring for her proposal back then.

She also shared her previous criteria, saying that she would not want it if it were less than S$10,000.

biggest regret expensive ring

Source: TikTok

She also wanted the ring to be above a certain number of carats.

biggest regret expensive ring

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Speaking to MS News, Missonglai admitted that her earlier expectations were formed by social media.

However, she appears to have changed her mind since then, calling herself “such a b*tch” for having such expectations.

Claims she has only worn ring 10 to 20 times since receiving it

Elaborating on why she changed her mind, Missonglai said she had worn it no more than 10 or 20 times since getting it two years ago.

biggest regret expensive ring

Source: TikTok

She also brought up cases where people borrow money from their parents or go into debt to buy a ring that was within their girlfriends’ expectations.

If you’re waiting to get proposed (to) and you’re still expecting an expensive ring, I think you really need to reconsider.

According to her, this was because although a diamond ring may cost upwards of S$8,000, it has no value.

She also claimed that once the ring has been flaunted a few times, no one really cares about it anymore.

Looking back, she was relieved that her now-husband had not left her back then despite her lofty expectations.

Source: TikTok

In ending, she asked women out there to go easy on their fiancés, as an engagement ring is not that important, and they need not take it so seriously.

That said, the thought of selling the ring is out of the question for her as she only sees it as an “overpriced gift”, she shared with MS News.

Viewers divided over the topic of expensive engagement rings

Her opinions caused a buzz among viewers, with many being divided over the topic.

One felt that the ring was more than just a physical asset, but rather a representation of how much someone valued the person they were proposing to.

biggest regret expensive ring

Source: TikTok

Another viewer said that, unlike the OP, his wife gets a lot of wear out of it.

On the contrary, Missonglai said that removing it thrice a day when she showers is troublesome.

Source: TikTok

Meanwhile, someone pointed out that a diamond’s value goes down drastically the moment it is purchased.

Source: TikTok

From this commenter’s point of view, a girl who values the price of a ring more than her fiancé’s sincere feelings for her is not a good match.

Source: TikTok

Finally, one viewer felt it was hypocritical to switch gears when one already has the ring, especially when one usually rationalises it beforehand by saying it is a “once-in-a-lifetime” event.

Source: TikTok

A “once-in-a-lifetime” ring does not have to mean going over your means

While there’s nothing wrong with owning a diamond engagement ring, it’s worth remembering that no ring is worth starting your marriage on a debt-ridden note for.

The union of two people in marriage also means joining lives and finances.

As such, plan ahead and set a budget for the proposal, wedding, and so on, and you can pave the way for a happier married life together.

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