Mysterious Black Ring Spotted In Sky Over Sentosa, It Also Appears To Move Slowly

Black Ring In Sky Over Sentosa Disperses After A While, Could Be Fireworks Testing

While most Singaporeans don’t believe in aliens and UFOs, this may sometimes be tested by mysterious sightings in the skies.

A netizen was confounded when he spotted a black ring in the sky over Sentosa.

Source: Vin Swee at Singapore Incidents on Facebook

More intriguingly, the ring appeared to move slowly.

Black ring over Sentosa appears to move

Netizen Vin Swee shared photos and videos the phenomenon in the Singapore Incidents Facebook group on Thursday (5 Jan), admitting that he didn’t know what he had seen.

He said he took the images at Harbourfront jetty, opposite Sentosa.

In them, the ring is seen to be fairly thick and hovering calmly over the buildings of Resorts World Sentosa (RWS) in the background.

In one of his videos, the ring also appears to slowly move to the left — just like a UFO would.

Source: Vin Swee at Singapore Incidents on Facebook

Ring appears to get thinner & disperse into the air

It’s quite evident the entity is capable of changing its form, according to another video he shared.

In it, the ring appears to become thinner, though it’s still quite obvious.

Source: Vin Swee at Singapore Incidents on Facebook

It seems to be slowly dispersing into the air.

Other sightings of the black ring over Sentosa

This is apparently not the first time a member of the public has seen a black ring over Sentosa.

In November 2022, a netizen asked the ​​Nature Society (Singapore) Facebook group what the black ring she saw in the sky above Sentosa was.

In 2017, a similar black ring was seen in Sentosa’s skies and shared by SGAG on Facebook.

Source: SGAG on Facebook

Netizens offer explanations for ring

As with the previous times, netizens speculated that the latest black ring could be due to birds, aliens or UFOs.

One netizen even had a more Marvel-lous explanation.

Source: Singapore Incidents on Facebook

Another came closest to a plausible explanation by saying that it was created by testing done by one of Sentosa’s shows, like Wings Of Time.

Source: Singapore Incidents on Facebook

Ring likely to be from fireworks test

In fact, that netizen might have hit the nail on the head.

Similar rings have been reported overseas as well. A ring of smoke was created in Chicago in 2012 after a transformer blew up.

In the United Kingdom (UK), a similar black ring over the town of Leamington Spa in 2014 was revealed to be due to testing of fireworks at the nearby Warwick Castle, the BBC reported.

In 2015, an O-shaped black ring that appeared in the sky in Kazakhstan was said to be most likely smoke caused by combustion from a nearby factory, reported The Independent.

Check out the following YouTube video, shot at Burning Man in 2008, to see how a smoke ring is made.

Smoke Rings on the Playa Burning Man 2008 – YouTube

Thus, as Sentosa’s Wings Of Time show involves pyrotechnics, the black ring seen at least three times above Sentosa is likely to be from a fireworks test by the show.

While Singaporeans might occasionally be disturbed by other suspicious sightings in our skies — like the lights hovering in Bugis in March 2022 — at least this one has a reasonable explanation for it.

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Featured image adapted from Singapore Incidents on Facebook.

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