Suspicious Lights Hover In S-Shape Over Bugis, Netizens Call It A UFO Sighting

Lights Hover In S-Shape Over Bugis In Speculated UFO Sighting

To many of us, aliens and the idea of a UFO sighting exist purely in fiction and in movies. After all, it’s hard to believe that extraterrestrial beings can exist.

However, this myth may have just been proven wrong. A video on the Supernatural Confessions Facebook page depicts a few lights hovering over Bugis, seemingly moving in the shape of an ‘S’.



The video has sparked debate between netizens over the possibility of the lights being a UFO sighting.

While some netizens remained sceptical, many agreed that the lights are definitely unusual.

Lights appear over Bugis at night

On Sunday (5 Mar), Facebook page Supernatural Confessions shared an intriguing video which they described to be of “strange sightings in the sky over Bugis”.


In the video, a series of white lights shaped like orbs move fluidly through the night sky over Ibis Hotel in Bugis.


Commentary within the video also suggests that the lights are moving just like a dragon might. The same commenter is then later heard to joke that passers-by who spot the lights next could probably win the lottery.

Netizens come up with theories about possible UFO sighting

As a result of the video, numerous theories have emerged online as to what the lights could be.

Several netizens think that we may have a real UFO sighting on our hands. However, others argue that the lights could merely be a reflection of nearby buildings.

A popular theory seems to be that the lights were from Marina Bay Sands, where a light show occurs every night. One commenter, however, disagreed as the lights moved too fluidly through the sky to have come from there.


Another theory was that the lights could have come from drones, or perhaps a spotlight nearby.

Opponents of that thought then argued that the movement is far too synchronised and fluid to have come from drones.


Several netizens also grabbed the opportunity to make light of the incident. One commenter joked, “No aliens would come. They implementing new scoring systems for EPs.”


Yet another commenter reaffirmed that aliens are unlikely to land in Singapore since they would “still need to go LTA apply and install IU unit.”


A mystery that remains to be solved

It is indeed curious that these lights have appeared and moved in such a captivating manner, unlike anything we can explain.

The various theories could prove true for different reasons, but it seems like this will just be another mystery we can’t yet solve. Whatever the cause for the lights may be, it must have been a sight to behold.

Do you think the lights were indeed a UFO sighting, or something else? Share your thoughts with us in the comments.

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Featured image adapted from Supernatural Confessions on Facebook.

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