Boon Keng Graffiti Painted Over Hours After Incident, Makeshift Barricade Erected

Boon Keng Police Post Graffiti Covered Up With White Paint

Garnering worldwide praise for its quick response to the Covid-19 pandemic, Singapore is known to be fast and efficient. But besides international crises, our little red dot is also speedy when it comes to local incidents.

Late on Friday (13 Mar) night, walls of Boon Keng saw itself on the receiving end of vandalism in the form of graffiti.


This came alongside a massive blaze that engulfed the void deck of a HDB block in Towner Road.

Image from an MS News reader

But by morning, besides the obvious sheen of a fresh coat of white paint and some char marks, all signs of the incident have been cleared.

Boon Keng graffiti now replaced by white rectangles

Residents who slept through the night yesterday would probably not be able to tell that anything happened in the locale.

A brown wall scribbled with the words “ISIS” now shows off some white abstract art instead.

Image from Facebook and an MS News reader

An anti-government statement is now a white rectangle. The red van still parked in the same spot is a testament to how quickly the graffiti was covered overnight.

Image from Facebook and an MS News reader

The fresh coat of paint painted over the “ISIS” scribbles shows how our walls are actually off-white, presumably due to the dirt accumulated over time.

Image from Facebook and an MS News reader

Barricades erected around police post

The Kallang Neighbourhood Police Post (NPP) also suffered a smashed door.

Image from an MS News reader

While it is unclear if the door has been replaced, barricades have already been erected covering the police post.

Image from Facebook and an MS News reader

Only thing left of the incident is char marks and burnt fabric

While restoration is mostly underway, authorities did not manage to remove all evidence of the incident occurring.

Char marks from the fire started outside the NPP remained in the aftermath.

Image from an MS News reader

There are also bits of what appears to be burnt fabric – reportedly used in starting the fire – left on the ground.

Image from an MS News reader

Singapore ever-ready for anything

Thanks to the quick actions of local authorities, the fire was put out quickly and no one was hurt. Our walls even got some TLC and have been ‘bandaged’ with white paint.

The man responsible has also been detained by the police and will be charged later today.

Kudos to the popo for their swift response to the incident and its aftermath.

Featured image adapted from an MS News reader and Telegram. 

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