Man Behind Boon Tat Street Killing To Serve 8.5 Years’ Jail Time In Shortened Sentence

The Boon Tat Street stabbing back in 2017 shocked Singapore as one of the most daring crimes in the city.

Driven by anger after his son-in-law cheated on his daughter and took over his company, Tan Nam Seng stabbed 38-year-old Spencer Tuppani 3 times in broad daylight on 10 Jul 2017.

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3 years later, Tan’s health has worsened. While in remand, he suffered from multiple health conditions, including 2 heart attacks, reports Channel NewsAsia (CNA).

On Monday (21 Sep), a judge sentenced Tan to 8.5 years of jail time for his crime.

It was a shortened sentence in consideration of his worsening health and the circumstances of the crime.

Prosecution asked for 12 years’ jail for cold murder

After pleading guilty in Aug, Tan Nam Seng was sentenced to 8.5 year’s jail today (21 Sep).

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According to CNA, the prosecution considered several factors in Tan’s sentencing.

Despite findings proving that Tan was suffering from major depressive disorder, the prosecution noted the following aspects of his actions:

  • that the killing was brutal & unprovoked
  • it occurred in a very public location in the Central Business District (CBD)
  • it happened in broad daylight

Furthermore, Tan preventing the late Tuppani from receiving assistance didn’t help his case.

Considering how he seemed to have carried out the above with a clear and rational mind, the prosecution urged for a heavier sentence.

They added that resorting to killing at the end of the day should never be the answer, regardless of the circumstances.

Worsening health resulted in shorter jail sentence

The judge, on the other hand, gave Tan a shortened jail sentence of 8.5 years on account of his current worsening health.

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CNA also stated that while in remand for 3 years for the crime, Tan had several health issues.

He contracted tuberculosis, suffered 2 heart attacks, and had to undergo bypass surgery.

Defence lawyer Mr Wee argued that with a life expectancy of only about 8 to 9 years, a longer jail sentence would be equivalent to life imprisonment for Tan.

Under regular circumstances, Tan would have faced life imprisonment, without caning as he is above 50.

Tan had no prior convictions

Pleading Tan’s case, Mr Wee pointed out several factors that may have aggravated him to commit the crime against his son-in-law.

Having groomed Tuppani to take over his business, Tan was allegedly upset that his son-in-law didn’t split the earnings as promised.

Tuppani also reportedly misappropriated funds and suspended Tan’s other daughter from the company.

Boon Tat Street JailThe late Spencer Tuppani, Tan’s son-in-law

Finding out that his son-in-law was cheating on his daughter by having multiple affairs only fuelled Tan’s anger even more.

Mr Wee also stated that Tan had no convictions prior to the case, neither was he a violent person, as he had good relations with his family and employees.

Taking these factors into consideration, and acknowledging that Tan’s depressive episode may have impaired his impulse control, the judge reduced his sentence to 8.5 years.

Family feud that ended in tragedy

A family feud that spiralled out of control, it’s quite heartbreaking to see an elderly man end up in prison for protecting his loved ones.

A brutal killing is a punishable crime nonetheless, and Tan will be serving his due time.

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