UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson Tests Positive For Covid-19, Developed Symptoms Over Last 24 Hours

Boris Johnson Is Self Isolating In Downing Street After Testing Positive For Covid-19

UK Prime Minister (PM) Boris Johnson has tested positive for Covid-19 on Friday (27 Mar).


This came after he developed “mild symptoms” over the past 24 hours.

He made the shocking revelation via a Twitter post.

Boris Johnson developed fever and persistent cough over past 24 hours

In the clip, PM Johnson said that he had developed symptoms including a fever and a persistent cough over the past 24 hours.


He underwent a Covid-19 test and results came back positive.

In light of this, he will be self-isolating in Downing Street but will continue to lead the UK government’s response to the coronavirus through video-conference.

He also thanked the numerous British frontliners who are currently fighting the coronavirus outbreak and urged citizens to comply with the measures put in place.

Dominic Raab, the country’s foreign secretary will take over PM Johnson’s duties if he is too ill to do so.

Covid-19 cases in UK soar past 11,000

PM Johnson’s diagnosis came as the number of Covid-19 cases in the UK soar past 11,000 — 2,129 cases were reported on Thursday (26 Mar).

The UK is currently on lockdown, and citizens are only allowed to leave their homes for essential goods and services.

Earlier this month, PM Johnson’s told citizens that it would take on a different approach to the outbreak as compared to other countries — by building up herd immunity.

The strategy requires enough people in the country to contract the disease and build up immunity for it which will eventually stop the spread of the disease.

However, critics point out that such an approach would cause more than a million deaths and 8 million patients requiring critical care.

The UK government reversed course after researchers found that the National Health Service (NHS) would be severely overwhelmed if the country were to pursue such an approach.

Speedy recovery to PM Johnson

MS News wishes PM Johnson the speediest of recovery and hope he will remain in good health to lead his country in the fight against Covid-19.

We hope this serves as a reminder for all that Covid-19 is a disease that can happen to anyone, regardless of class, ethnicity, or religion. As such, it is vital that we take our personal hygiene seriously and avoid social gathering at this point in time.

Featured image adapted from CNN

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