‘Botak’ Pomeranian Haircut Was A Result Of Groomer & Owner’s Dispute

Grooming is part and parcel of taking care of a furkid, and each dog have their dos and don’ts when it comes to the procedure. A Pomeranian owner had some miscommunications with her dog’s groomer, resulting in a ‘botak’ haircut.


The dog owner then took to Facebook on Saturday (9 Jan) to share her lengthy account of what happened.


A day later, the grooming company, The Precious Pets, responded with their statement of the incident. Here’s an excerpt from the long post:


We summarise the events of the incident below.

Pomeranian gets ‘botak’ haircut

On 9 Jan, a Pomeranian dog, Dede, was getting groomed by a mobile pet grooming company, The Precious Pets Care Services,  for the first time.

Her owner requested that the groomer give her a ‘Shiba Inu’ cut and showed her pictures of what she usually looks like after grooming.

Owner groomer dogSource

The owner then informed the groomer that their previous groomer will only use scissors on Dede, not the shaver.

She and her husband then left the groomer to the job.

Owners deny letting groomer shave Pomeranian

According to the post, when she returned, Dede’s fur was shaved, with both her inner and outer coat gone.

Owner groomer dogSource

Insisting that they did not instruct the groomer to shave Dede, her husband then refused to make the $100 payment to the groomer.

The distraught owner shared that the inner coat of Pomeranians should never be shaved as it damages the coat and hair follicles permanently. The fur coat might not grow back and if it does, it will be patchy.


They asked the grooming company to contact them and subsequently threatened a lawsuit over the incident.

Grooming company shares their side of the story

The grooming company, The Precious Pets later took to Facebook to share their side of the story.

According to their statement, the owner’s account allegedly leaves out several important details of the incident.

Specifically, the owner’s husband had instructed the groomer to use their shaver on Dede, to which she explained that this will result in a ‘botak‘ shave.

She shaved a patch of Dede’s fur to show them what it will look like. The groomer claims they then told her to carry on.

Owner groomer dogSource

The groomer also alleges that she repeatedly confirmed with the husband about shaving due to how short it will leave Dede’s fur.

Later, when the grooming was complete, and the shocked owner heard the groomer’s explanation, she said that this was probably a miscommunication with her husband.

She also allegedly remarked to the groomer, “Next time don’t listen to my husband. He don’t know anything one”.

The Precious Pets maintains that the groomer did her best under the circumstances to meet the owner and her husband’s demands.

They believe that despite their frustration, the owners still have to make payment.

Hope they’ll be able to settle amicably

This grooming mishap was certainly an unfortunate one.

But seeing both sides of the story, it was the product of miscommunication and misunderstanding, with no party fully to blame.

If anything, the Pomeranian is worst off since she now can’t grow her fur back.

Nonetheless, we hope both the owners and grooming company will be able to come to a consensus and find a solution amicably.

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Featured image adapted from Facebook and Facebook.