Botanic Gardens Now Has 350m Ridge Top Walk Taking You To Greater Heights, Literally

Botanic Garden Opens Ridge Top Walk & Arboretum With 2,000 Trees

Filled with tropical plants and fauna, a weekend walk at the Botanic Gardens is a good way to de-stress from a hectic week at work.


On Saturday (19 Oct), National Parks Board announced 2 new features that visitors can look forward to during their visit to the Botanic Gardens.

These additions include a spanking new hiking trail, as well as an arboretum – a plot of land where different trees are grown for study or display – that holds 2,000 trees of over 200 species.


Here’s a closer look at what you can expect from these new fresh attractions.

Botanic Gardens now has new 350m hiking trail

Named the Mingxin Foundation Rambler Ridge, the brand new hiking trail is 350m long and leads visitors past the highest point in the park, 40m above sea level.


Visitors will be able to enjoy the sight of over 150 species of regional plants as they ascend the hiking trail.


The ridge will also be “noticeably windier” – as The Straits Times reports – so you don’t have to worry about leaving a trail of sweat behind as you hike.


However, the ridge hike is not meant for the faint-hearted.

Minister Lawrence Wong, who was present at the opening, encouraged visitors to attempt the new attraction, but warned that it’s more suited for those “feeling very adventurous”.

The new hiking trail is part of the Gallop Extension, which spans over 8 hectares and will be fully open to public starting next year.

Arboretum with over 2,000 tress

In addition to the new hiking trail, Botanic Gardens also launched the OCBC Arboretum, now home to 2,000 trees.


Over 200 species of dipterocarp trees are available here, some of which can grow up to staggering heights of over 80m.


For the uninitiated, an arboretum is basically a botanical garden containing trees and help with scientific studies.


The arboretum is also the first in the region that uses sensors and other technological gadgets to obtain environmental data within the garden.

More reasons to visit the Botanic Gardens

If you’re already planning a trip to the Botanic Gardens this weekend, remember to check out these new attractions.

We hope the Botanic Gardens will be able to attract even more visitors after this, and help both Singaporeans and locals gain a deeper appreciation for Mother Nature and her beauty.

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