Man Transforms HDB Room Into A Botanical Gaming Haven, Pet Spiders Wander Freely Inside

Man DIYs Botanical Office-Cum-Gaming Room In HDB

Many homeowners these days design their houses with a theme in mind. Be it Scandinavian or minimalist, their design choices are a representation of their tastes.

One Singaporean man decided to combine his love for nature and gaming in his home office. The project was done with only $2,000 through the usage of upcycled and new materials.


The botanical office cum gaming room has since dramatically transformed from the once ordinary HDB room, proving that renovations don’t always have to break the bank.


Botanical room is a DIY project that costs $2000

On Sunday night (19 Sep), Kelvin Lee shared his DIY home renovation project on Facebook, with before and after pictures.

Before renovation

According to the post, Mr Lee only spent $2,000 on the project, using upcycled material to keep the costs of his ambitious project low.


He also added 4 reasons as to why he went down the DIY route instead of employing a professional:

  • Cost savings
  • His attention to details
  • His love for building things
  • His passion for tinkering with things

Plants in feature wall upcycled from wedding decorations

While the room turned out amazing in the end, it is not down to sheer luck. Mr Lee spent considerable time planning the renovation and even employed 3D modelling software to get the dimensions right.


With the pre-planning done, Mr Lee stripped the room of its contents and got started with renovations.

One of the room’s main features is an artificial plant feature wall, which holds Mr Lee’s PC and 4 acrylic tanks. The wall was first padded with foam before Mr Lee jabbed in artificial plants he upcycled from his wedding decorations.


The tanks are mostly left empty but would sometimes be filled with rescue spiders that he comes across.

You can read up on their renovation journey here.

Botanical room is also home to free-roaming spiders

Speaking of spiders, the renovated space is more than just a home office. Mr Lee and his wife have a penchant for caring for spiders and have dedicated parts of the office for their 8-legged friends to spin their webs.


Mr Lee currently has 2 spiders which he dearly refers to as ’employees’ that he’s taken care of since they were in eggs.


These spiders have their own nooks in the office where they would spin their webs. Mr Lee’s favourite spider, Coffee, even has a space right beside the desk.


A beautiful example of thinking out of the box

This amazing transformation proves that anything is possible when we think outside the box, not forgetting that having most of the renovation job done with upcycled materials is great for the environment.

Most importantly, the low cost of the renovation job makes it a tempting proposition for all homeowners to revamp their rooms.

What do you think of this DIY renovation project? Has it inspired you to do the same? Let us know in the comments section below.

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Featured image adapted from Stacey’s Web on Facebook

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