9-Year-Old Boy Almost Dies From Acute Kidney Failure After Mother Spanks Him With Broom

9-Year-Old Boy In China Has Acute Kidney Failure Due To Frequent Spanks

Parents spanking their kids when they misbehave is pretty common. After all, that’s likely the easiest way to discipline them and get them to listen.

However, using excessive force is a no-no, as the kids will get severely injured or, worse, lose their lives.

A mother in Zhejiang, China, learned her lesson the hard way when her nine-year-old son almost died of renal failure.

Zhejiang Hospital in China
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It was discovered that he had difficulties urinating normally, caused by frequent spanks by his mother on the buttocks.

Boy gets kidney failure, mother often spanks his buttocks

According to Sin Chew Daily, the boy, Xiao Wu, would often misbehave — as with every other kid. However, he would stay unusually silent after getting spanked.

Thinking he was sulking over getting punished, his mother picked up a broom one day to spank him instead.

As a result, he suffered a great deal of pain and had to be rushed to the hospital.

Media reports stated that he was seen covering his stomach in the emergency room while his mother kept begging the doctor, “Please hurry up and save my son.”

Medical examinations revealed that Xiao Wu suffered from acute renal failure. The doctor warned that his life would be in profound danger if he did not receive immediate treatment.

Hence, the boy was rushed to the haemodialysis centre. Thankfully, he is now safe.

Single mum resorts to spanking son as she was feeling stressed

It turns out that Xiao Wu has been living with his mother since his parents divorced. At first, everything was fine and dandy as the mother took care of the child patiently.

However, due to various stressors, coupled with the child’s occasional disobedience, the mother couldn’t help but resort to spanking Xiao Wu’s buttocks to teach him a lesson.

Xiao Wu has low self-esteem and an introverted personality, so he would usually stay mum even when beaten.

This only angered his mother further each time. Her wrath finally culminated in her using a broom to punish him.

Areas to avoid hitting when disciplining your kids

Chinese news site Sohu reports that other than the buttocks, there are several areas that parents should avoid hitting when disciplining their kids.

These areas include:

  • The ear: As it is located near the brain, frequent twisting of the ears may damage the child’s brain. Slapping may also hurt their ears and peripheral nerves, causing hearing impairment.
  • Back of the head: A hard blow to the head may damage the brain.
  • The temple: It is said to be the weakest part of the skull. Accidentally injuring a child’s temple may cause dizziness or blindness.
  • The back: A child’s back is not fully developed. Hence it can be quite fragile. If a child’s back is often hit, they may suffer internal injuries in the organs.

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