13-Year-Old Boy In M’sia Tries To Stab Grab Driver After He Refuses To Lend Money

Boy In Malaysia Arrested For Attempting To Stab Grab Driver

On Monday (27 Nov), police arrested a 13-year-old boy in Malaysia for attempting to stab a Grab driver.

He had allegedly asked for RM50 (S$14.28) from the driver, saying it was to pay off his rent. The ride ultimately ended with the boy taking out a knife and trying to stab the driver in the chest.

The driver did not sustain any injuries from the incident and subsequently filed a police report. Authorities have confirmed that an investigation into the matter is ongoing.

Grab driver picks up boy in Taman Keladi

Berita Harian reported that the incident occurred on 27 Nov in Malaysia, with footage of it going viral on various platforms.

Source: Pentadbir on Facebook

Kuala Muda District Police Chief, Assistant Commissioner Zaidy Che Hassan, said that at 5.43pm, a 65-year-old driver for Grab received instructions to pick up a 13-year-old boy at Lorong Taman Keladi in Sungai Petani.

While travelling to Bandar Sri Astana, the passenger asked for RM50 (S$14.28) to pay off rent for his house.

However, the driver rejected the request and said he would drop off the passenger if he was unable to pay the fare.

Refusing to disembark, the boy asked him to take him to his house in Bandar Sri Astana to get the money to pay him.

Boy attempts to stab Grab driver with knife

Upon arriving at the residence, though, the boy allegedly told the driver to take him back to Taman Keladi. He also directed the driver through some small alleys, delaying him further.

Having received RM18 (S$5.14) on the way, the driver demanded an additional RM9 (S$2.57) at Taman Keladi. The teenager relented and gave RM20 (S$5.71).

Footage of the incident currently circulating on Facebook showed that while the driver was returning the change, the boy took out a knife and attempted to stab him in the chest.

Source: Pentadbir on Facebook

The teen also tried to grab at the money in the driver’s pocket.

The driver responded by grabbing the knife and biting the boy’s hand to defend himself, after which the latter disembarked from the vehicle and fled the scene.

Source: Pentadbir on Facebook

Investigation into incident ongoing

According to mStar, the driver did not sustain any injuries from the assault and filed a report regarding the incident at 8pm.

Two hours later, police managed to place the teenager under arrest, confiscating a 25cm-long knife as well.

Assistant Commissioner Zaidy added that investigations revealed the boy, who did not have a criminal record, is the eldest of four brothers and not from a troubled home.

The police believe that the incident happened because the boy became furious at the driver, whom he thought had insulted him. He thus likely acted out of control in an attempt to take the money for the fare back.

A urine test also found that he was not under the influence of drugs.

In a statement via Facebook, the Royal Malaysia Police confirmed that an investigation into the incident is ongoing under Section 393 of the Penal Code for attempted robbery.

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Featured image adapted from Pentadbir on Facebook.

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