3 British Airways Staff Suspended After Running Around Naked In A Singapore Hotel

The clean reputation of British Airways was impacted after an alleged rape incident occurred during a stopover in Singapore back in 2018.

However, as the spotlight was slowly shifting away from them, another recent incident has surfaced.

Last Thursday (4 Jul), The Sun reported that two men and a woman from British Airways were sent home after they were caught running up and down naked at a Singapore hotel during a layover.


In a curious turn of events however, nothing was mentioned about their actions becoming a police case in official reports.

This is despite streaking in public being technically illegal in Singapore, with up to a possible fine of S$2,000 or even 3 months’ jail if found guilty.

Started with ‘spin the bottle’

During the layover, a group with an unknown number of individuals were playing ‘spin the bottle’ – a drinking game involving alcohol and dares – in an unnamed hotel.


The group was reportedly getting increasingly “intoxicated” and “frisky” from drinking the alcohol they had smuggled from the plane.

Under the influence of said alcohol, the trio allegedly accepted a dare to run up and down a corridor naked while knocking on other hotel guests’ doors.

Trio was suspended

Accepting the dare in the first place probably turned out to be a big mistake.

A British Airways official who felt annoyed with the crew’s behaviour reported them to their superiors.

After hearing about the trio’s antics, British Airways immediately suspended and sent them home. The airline further states that they “expect the highest standards of behavior” from staff and are currently investigating the case.

However, nothing more was said about the penalties for the group that dared the trio to commit the crime.

Illegal to streak in Singapore

While it may seem like fun to run around naked, it’s actually a crime to streak in Singapore. You could be fined $2,000 or even jailed for up to 3 months if you were charged.

However, this brings about two questions. Why were the people who dared them to run around naked not mentioned? Why weren’t they charged under Singapore’s law?

As for the alleged rape case in 2018, The Straits Times has reported that the “outcome of the case is not known” to date.

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