Eu Yan Sang Brown Rice Powder Contains Excessive Arsenic & Toxin, SFA Recalls Product

SFA Recalls Eu Yan Sang Brown Rice Powder For Excessive Arsenic And Toxin

On Wednesday (29 Mar), the Singapore Food Agency (SFA) announced the recall of Eu Yan Sang Brown Rice Si Shen powder.

The product reportedly contained excessive levels of arsenic and aflatoxin, the latter of which can cause cancer and liver damage.

The agency advised consumers who have purchased the item not to feed it to their children. They may also contact their point of purchase for further enquiries.

Eu Yan Sang brown rice powder found with excessive toxins and arsenic

In a press release dated 29 Mar, SFA announced the recall of Eu Yan Sang Brown Rice Si Shen powder.

This came after the agency detected aflatoxin B1 and arsenic in the powder at levels exceeding the permissible limits.

SFA shared that arsenic is a heavy metal that can cause cancer and skin changes.

Meanwhile, prolonged consumption of aflatoxins can cause consumers to develop cancer and liver damage. Aflatoxins may occur in foods due to fungal contamination under warm and humid conditions.

“Hence, exposure through food, especially those meant for young children, should be kept as low as possible,” SFA warned.

More information on aflatoxins and arsenic can be found on SFA’s official website, here and here respectively.

SFA recalls two batches of affected product

SFA has since directed the manufacturer — Eu Yan Sang — to recall two batches of the products that were affected:

  • Batch number 120, expiring on 13 May 2024
  • Batch number 121, expiring on 17 May 2024

Consumers who have purchased the affected products should not feed them to their children.

Those whose children have consumed it and are concerned about their health should seek medical advice.

For further enquiries, consumers can contact their point of purchase.

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