Lady Finds Lost Laptop At Bugis Junction & Cares For It Like A Baby Till She Finds The Owner

Many of us may feel anxiety over the Covid-19 pandemic, but this heartwarming story is guaranteed to put a smile on our faces.

On Tuesday (24 Feb), Ms Chan discovered a lost laptop sitting on a ledge at Bugis Junction. She waited for the owner’s return, to no avail, so she took the laptop with her and called it ‘Bella’.

To find the owner, Ms Chan posted pictures of her bonding with Bella on Facebook. The post has received more than 2,200 shares at the time of writing.


Caring for the precious laptop as if it were someone’s baby, Ms Chan went all out to give it the best treatment.

Found laptop at Bugis Junction & waited for owner

Ms Chan took to Facebook after she found a lost laptop at Bugis Junction on Tuesday (24 Mar) morning, at around 10.30am.

At first, she only meant to wait till the owner returned for her item, but when nobody showed up, Ms Chan decided to take the laptop with her.


Endearingly naming it ‘Bella’, Ms Chan who was familiar with the distress of losing a laptop, jokingly became a foster mum to it.

Since Bella was separated from her ‘mother’, Ms Chan helped to calm her down by offering truffle chips, milk tea and baked pea crisps—but Bella apparently had no appetite.


Switching to an alternative option, she offered seaweed chicken instead, which Bella refused again.


Perhaps Bella was really anxious, or simply needed a charge to light up again.

Bella under quarantine

Eventually, Ms Chan had to leave Bugis Junction and took Bella with her, hugging and promising to find her owner.


As soon as they got home, Ms Chan made sure to sanitise Bella to keep her safe from Covid-19.


For more protection, Ms Chan also cleaned her case before tucking her into bed.


Once clean, she lay Bella down with a blanket over her, hoping some sleep will make her function better.

When Bella was up and ready to go, Ms Chan gave her an Apple like her brand namesake, and let her watch a show with Ms Chan’s iPad as company.


That was a good call, as familiarity certainly brings comfort.

Bella reunites with her mama

Thanks to kind netizens sharing Bella’s story, her ‘mama’ eventually found her.

The owner and Ms Chan will meet on Saturday (28 Mar).

Until then, Bella will be in quarantine. But don’t worry because she will probably receive more junk food while relaxing in an air-conditioned room.

Before she leaves, though, she may receive chores from Ms Chan, likely to compensate for her staycation.

Hope this story made you smile

Ms Chan hopes that Bella’s viral saga puts a smile people’s faces amid the Covid-19 pandemic.

She may have created a unique post to get more shares and reunite Bella with her mama, but her amusing story also touched many people’s hearts.

We’re excited to see what else may be in store for Bella before her reunion with her owner.

Featured image from Facebook and Facebook.