Bukit Merah HDB appears to have path shaped like penis, netizens amused by resemblance

Bukit Merah HDB exposed on Google Maps for having path shaped like penis

Being a free and widely available resource, Google Maps is an indispensable tool when it comes to navigation.

However, it inadvertently became a source of amusement when a Reddit user recently made an eyebrow-raising discovery.

While looking up a Bukit Merah HDB development, the person discovered a street shaped like a penis.

Bukit Merah HDB penis

Source: Google Maps

The revelation amused Redditors to no end, and the comment section lit up with explicit jokes of all manner.

Street shaped like penis near Bukit Merah HDB turns out to be rooftop garden path

Yesterday (22 Feb), Reddit user u/linapinacolada shared a Google Maps image of what appeared to be a route shaped like a penis at Kim Tian Green.

Bukit Merah HDB penis

Source: u/linapinacolada on Reddit

For context, Kim Tian Green is an HDB estate located along Kim Tian Road in Bukit Merah.

While one may argue that it is a mere coincidence, the mapping of the route seems a tad too precise to not warrant suspicion.

A quick check on Google Maps also confirms that the screenshot has not been doctored in any way.

The route does not lose its phallic characteristics either when viewed in satellite view. If anything, the shape is even more pronounced.

Bukit Merah HDB penis

Source: Google Maps

Upon further inspection, it appears that the route is on top of a parking lot marked KTM6.

Judging by the landscaping surrounding the route, it is likely to be a rooftop garden path.

Redditors crack explicit jokes about path resembling penis

Redditors had a field day with this graphic discovery.

After the OP asked via the caption who the urban planner might be, users took turns ‘guessing’ the name.

One quipped that this was the work of a famous urban planner named ‘Dai Dickson’.

Bukit Merah HDB penis

Source: Reddit

Other Reddit users decided to take a more localised approach, offering names such as ‘Mr Tua Lan Jiao’ and ‘Ku Kubird Singh’.

Bukit Merah HDB penis

Source: Reddit

In the midst of the jokes, a handful of users did point out that since the route belongs to a rooftop car park, it was more likely the work of an architect or landscaper instead of an urban planner.

Source: Reddit

One Redditor even found another HDB development with a penis-like route — this time near Blk 207 Tampines Street 21.

Source: Reddit

That said, the route seen here is more basic in its shape, allowing more room for doubt than its Bukit Merah counterpart.

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Featured image adapted from u/linapinacolada on Reddit and Google Maps.

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