Man Captures Bukit Panjang Sunrise On iPad In Stunning Timelapse Video

Bukit Panjang Sunrise Shared On Twitter Is A Beautiful Start To The Morning

Singapore has seen an abundance of vivid sunsets lately, thanks to unpredictable May weather.

But if the cool morning showers have made it hard to wake up early everyday, you may be wondering just how Singapore’s sky looks at dawn.

Thanks to Twitter user @egyikfan, we can now catch a glimpse of the beautiful sunrise in Bukit Panjang. He uploaded a timelapse of the stunning phenomenon on 18 May, which captured the changing skies on Sunday (17 May).

Here’s the 0.25 sec clip in full. We’ll do a full appreciation post of Singapore sunrises below.

Pastel hues adorn our dawn skies

The netizen uploaded the stunning Twitter clip with a series of hashtags of ‘#sunrise’ and ‘#bukitpanjang’ at around 8am on Monday morning.

He had captured Sunday’s dawn skies on his iPad and stated that no filters were used.

You’ll be able to see the skies take on purplish hues for just a split second, as the hour-long sunrise is compressed into a 25-second timelapse.

Sun peeps out from the horizon

The next stage of the sunrise entails our skies switching gears to lay on the yellows and blues — turning into a fresh canvas for gold clouds streaking across the horizon.

The result is honestly spectacular. We also glimpse a hint of what’s to come — the dawn of a rising sun.

Dawn breaks with the sun’s ascent

When dawn is just about to break, you’ll observe that the warm glow of the morning sun breaks the horizon and begins its ascent above the HDB buildings.

The clouds appear to shift to accommodate the start of the spectacular main event.

A new dawn in Bukit Panjang

And then the moment we’ve all been waiting for occurs — a new dawn.

The early morning sun crests the horizon and completes a cycle that’s as old as time itself on Earth.

If that’s how a Bukit Panjang sunrise looks, Westies among us are lucky indeed to have caught it on camera.

All the wonders nature has to offer

Singapore is known for her sunny weather and tropical climate everywhere around the world. Since we’re all at home a lot more due to travel restrictions, it’s refreshing to see our country through fresh eyes.

Thanks to this netizen’s uplifting post, we get to fully appreciate the little things in life, and all the wonders nature has to offer.

Have you captured any stunning sunrises recently? Do feel free to share your footage in the comments below.

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Featured image adapted from Twitter.

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