SBS Transit Bus Beats Red Light In Jurong East, Company Will Take Disciplinary Action

SBS Transit Bus Beats Red Light, Almost Collides With Pedestrians

Drivers of all vehicles, big or small, have the responsibility to drive safely on the roads. That’s especially the case for bus captains, who often ferry large groups of passengers between places.

On 28 Dec 2021, an SBS Transit bus was seen beating a red light at Jurong East, nearly colliding with a father and daughter duo crossing the road.

SBS Transit has since conducted an investigation and said they do not condone the bus captain’s “dangerous actions”. They will be taking stern disciplinary action against the driver.

SBS Transit bus beats red light in Jurong East on 28 Dec

On Monday (3 Jan), Facebook group Beh Chia Lor – Singapore Road shared dashcam footage of an SBS bus running a red light.

The video, taken along Jurong East Avenue 1 on 28 Dec evening, showed the bus running the red light just as pedestrians began crossing the road.

bus beats red lightSource

Even as the pedestrians continued walking, the bus showed no signs of slowing down.

Catching sight of the bus, a lady stopped in her tracks. However, another man who was holding his daughter’s hand continued on.

Thankfully, he turned just in time to see the oncoming bus, immediately stopping and pulling his young daughter back to avoid getting hit.

bus beats red lightSource

As the bus crossed the pedestrian crossing, the lady looked back and forth at the bus, as if perplexed about why it was beating the red light.

SBS Transit will take stern disciplinary action against driver

Speaking to AsiaOne, SBS Transit said they had conducted an investigation on the incident.

The company said they do not condone the bus captain’s “dangerous actions” of beating the red light.

Ms Tammy Tan, SBS Transit’s senior vice-president of corporate communications, added that they are thankful no one was injured. She also apologised for the distress caused.

Ms Tan added that they take a very serious view of this transgression and will be taking “stern disciplinary action” against the bus captain.

Under Singapore’s Road Traffic Act, motorists who run a red light faces a 12-demerit point deduction and a $400 fine.

Abide by road traffic rules

Running the red light endangers the lives of not just the driver and passengers but all other road users as well.

This is all the more serious when it comes to bus captains who ferry members of the public around.

We’re glad no one was hurt in this incident. Hopefully, this will be a reminder to the bus captain and all motorists of the importance of abiding by road traffic rules.

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Featured image adapted from Beh Chia Lor – Singapore Road on Facebook.

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