Man Responds To Video Of Him Calling Young Bus Commuter A “Shit Malay”

Man Claims He Loves Malays As Much As He Loves Bandung And Ondeh Ondeh

You may have seen this video making rounds on Facebook earlier this week.

In the video, 2 men were seen having an altercation on a public bus.

At one point, the man in blue can be heard calling another commuter a “shit Malay”.

The video, which was uploaded on Wednesday (19 Dec), has since gone viral, garnering over 3,000 shares in just 2 days.

In the latest turn of events, Adrian Chen, the man who hurled racist remarks in the video, wrote a 3-part Facebook post responding to the video.

Part 1: He loves Malays

Mr Chen starts off his response by addressing the elephant in the room — the “shit Malay” remark he made.


Mr Chen claims to “love Malays” in general. He went on to compare his love for Malays to their dishes like bandung and ondeh ondeh.

Adrian also claims that he is Christian and upholds values like “acceptance and love”.

Part 2: V

2 minutes later, Mr Chen wrote another Facebook post with a rather cryptic message.


Part 3: He has no time for haters

In the final part of his response, Mr Chen addressed the hate that he received from the video.


Adrian claims to have received “a no. of hater(s)”, but has “no time for hate”.

He proceeds to show his appreciation for “peeps” who have “supported” and “stood by” him “throughout this ordeal”.

Netizens were not pleased

Unfortunately, Mr Chen’s Facebook posts didn’t go down well with netizens.

One netizen felt that Mr Chen’s response was the worst apology that he has ever read.


Another user accused Mr Chen of hypocrisy.


Do you think Mr Chen should be brought to the authorities? This netizen certainly thought so.


This netizen’s comment may be slightly unrelated to the case at hand, but it cracked us up real good.


Thank you for making our day, Mr Ban.

Hope he learns his lesson

Mr Chen’s deeds in the video may not be those expected of a model citizen, but there’s absolutely no need to resort to foul language.

Even though Mr Chen didn’t exactly address his actions in the video, we sincerely hope he learns his lesson from this incident.

Featured image from Facebook and Facebook.

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