Bus Captain Couple Ties The Knot With The Most Appropriate Photo Shoot

Bus Captain Couple’s Shoots Wedding Photos With SBS Buses

There is tremendous meaning in having your wedding photos taken at the place where you and your loved one first met.

For one couple, both bus captains, this proved no exception. The couple had met each other while working at the Jurong East bus interchange a few years back.

Now, they are happily married — with wedding pictures featuring the buses reminiscent of their early days in love.


Husband used to always take wife’s bus

According to Lianhe Wanbao, the husband used to always take his wife’s bus during his weekly breaks.

Initially, he was shy and did not tell her how he really felt towards her. But after 9 months of somewhat inconspicuous pursuing, he finally gathered courage and told her his feelings.

Since then, their relationship blossomed and the two bus captains tied the knot in Jun 2019.

Wedding photos with buses

In appropriate fashion, many of their wedding photos featured the buses they drove.


They even re-enacted the moments where they would meet when either boarded the other’s bus.


The wedding pictures also featured them in their uniforms — paying homage to the profession that made possible their union.


This couple shows us that love can be found anywhere, bus captain or not.

MS News wishes the couple a lasting and happy marriage.

Featured image from Facebook.

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