Elderly Couple Gives Out Extra Kueh From Stall For Free

Many Singaporeans love old-school kuehs for their nostalgic tastes.

If you’re a westie who’s been craving that familiar taste, there’s a Malay kueh stall in Jurong West that you have to check out.

A netizen also shared on Tuesday (21 May) that they’d kindly hand out extras whenever they have excess.


Makeshift stall selling affordable kueh

The netizen, Azmi, was leaving a restaurant in Jurong West when he chanced upon a makeshift kueh stall run by an elderly Malay couple.


The stall was humbly set up at a table in front of a non-halal bakery.


Upon closer look, Azmi found that the couple was selling homemade Malay kueh at $5 for 3 boxes, which he felt was “too cheap”.

He allegedly bought 3 packets from the couple and was taken aback when one of the owners gifted 1 box for his own children.


Gave extras to nearby Ayza’s patrons

According to comments on the post, the elderly couple would even give away extra boxes of kueh to patrons at the nearby Ayza’s restaurant for Sedekah, or charity. 


In his post, Azmi also shared that the elderly couple’s stall location is not ideal as there wasn’t much footfall.

Drop by if you’re in the area

If you happen to be in the vicinity and would like to support the humble efforts of the Malay couple, here’s a map showing the exact location.


According to Azmi, there is only 1 bakery at the block, so it should be relatively easy to locate the stall. However, he is unsure if the elderly Malay couple would be there every day.

In any case, here’s the address of the stall, if you’re keen on making a trip down:

Address: Blk 506 Jurong West St 52, Singapore 640506

Kudos to the elderly couple for their efforts put into the homemade delicacies for an added human touch.

We’re sure that both their kuehs, as well as their charitable acts, will put a smile on your faces.

Featured image from Facebook and Google Maps.