NEX Cai Png Stall Counts Broccoli As Meat & Charges S$6, Claims Vegetable Is Expensive

Cai Png Stall At NEX Counts Broccoli As Meat Due To Expenses, Charges S$6 For Meal

2023 saw no shortage of seemingly overpriced cai png, or mixed economic rice. Another case popped up on 6 Oct, this time with a cai png store in NEX somehow classifying broccoli as a meat.

This caused the price of the meal to be bumped up to over S$6, something which the OP found absurd.

An employee of the stall told 8world News that broccoli’s higher cost led them to count it as meat.

He also said that the prices were fixed in the stall’s system and they had to follow it when calculating the meal’s cost.

Cai png stall counts broccoli as meat

On 6 Oct, Ms Sherry Zhang posted on Facebook about what she saw as unfair pricing for her meal.

She bought lunch at the NEX cai png stall ‘Lao Ban Niang’, picking two veggies and some minced meat.

Now, there may be some disagreements on the classification of products like tofu or eggs. However, just about everyone can agree that broccoli is a vegetable.

However, the Lao Ban Niang stall strangely charged broccoli as a meat. Thus, despite her plate practically being covered in greens, the receipt counted only one vegetable, and so charged a higher price of S$6.70.

Source: Sherry Zhang on Facebook

After her discount, it ended up at just above S$6, which is still fairly expensive.

Felt that she ordered one meat and two vegetables

In a comment, Ms Zhang clarified that she ordered petai beans with minced meat, which she understood as being classified as meat. She also ordered choy sum and broccoli.

Thus, she considered this one meat and two vegetables, and not the other way round.

Source: Facebook

She suggested that the classification of broccoli as meat may be due its higher cost. One commenter alleged, however, that the usual Chinese broccoli was cheap and that food court stalls would not use the more expensive Australian broccoli.

Source: Facebook

Ms Zhang even additionally claimed the vendor told her that fishcakes count as fish.

The post greatly amused netizens due to broccoli being considered a meat. One asked which animal it came from.

Source: Facebook

Stall says broccoli classified as meat due to higher cost

8world News reported that an employee of Lao Ban Niang told them that the food prices were fixed in the stall’s system.

They explained that as broccoli cost more, they classified it as meat and so keyed in the fixed meat price in the system.

Source: Harry Low on Google Maps

He further clarified that the receipt showed pork belly instead of stink beans with minced meat as that was the only S$3 item listed in the system.

Since the employees lacked the ability to enter their own prices, they had to choose the pork belly option for the right price.

The employee also alleged that the stall’s business had not been affected much.

Lastly, he clarified that their stall did not sell fishcakes.

Last month, a customer got charged a whopping S$10.10 for cai png at Koufu Commonwealth Branch.

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Featured image adapted from Sherry Zhang on Facebook and Harry Low on Google Maps.

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