MOF Releases ‘Support For You Calculator’ That Breaks Down Benefits You’ll Receive From Budget 2023

MOF Releases Calculator That Computes Benefits Each Singaporean May Get From Budget 2023

Just last week, Minister for Finance Lawrence Wong announced a slew of schemes in Budget 2023 to help different groups of Singaporeans cope with the rising costs of living.

If you were too busy to catch the entire speech or still feel confused about your eligible benefits, the Ministry of Finance has a quick fix.

Enter the ‘Support For You Calculator’, which can compute the amount one is eligible to receive from Budget 2023 based on your personal details.

Here’s a look at what you can expect from this nifty tool.

‘Support For You Calculator’ can compute benefits you may receive based on personal info

The ‘Support For You Calculator’ can compute the amount a Singaporean is eligible to receive after they’ve filled in some information.

The three main fields of information required are:

  • Age
  • Accessible income
  • Property information

The calculator will then generate the estimated benefits they are eligible for on an individual and household basis.

It can also estimate the benefits an individual and their household are eligible for up to 2027.

The calculator also clearly indicates the breakdown of the benefits, so individuals can know where each payout comes from and when they will receive it.

A guide to using the calculator

The calculator has a relatively user-friendly interface with rather straightforward instructions.

One simply has to choose the option most applicable to them in the drop-down lists on the website to calculate their benefits.

Additionally, for a more accurate ‘household benefits’ value, individuals can fill up the details of their other household members.

It is interesting to see how the government is leveraging such technological tools to benefit Singaporeans.

Check out the calculator here if you’re still unsure about the benefits.

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Featured image adapted from Ms Indranee Rajah on Facebook and Support For You Calculator.

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