Man Asks Carouseller Selling McDonald’s BTS Meal Packaging To Leave It In Bin 

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Man Trolls Carouseller, Asks Him To Leave BTS Meal Packaging In Bin

When the BTS McDonald’s meal launched on 21 Jun, the BTS ARMY in Singapore went into a frenzy trying to get their hands on it.


While fans have been trying to preserve the meal packagings in some very creative ways, many scalpers have been looking to profit from the packaging by selling it on Carousell, sometimes for exorbitant prices.

On 22 Jun, a netizen took to Twitter to share about his friend who decided to troll a person trying to sell the packaging on Carousell.


After agreeing to buy it, they then asked the Carousell user to just leave it in a bin below his block.

Asks Carouseller to leave BTS meal packaging in bin

The netizen shared 2 screenshots of his friend messing with a Carouseller who was trying to sell the BTS meal packaging at $12.

At first, nothing seemed out of the ordinary as his friend clarified if the packaging is genuine.


The seller then assured him that it is real, even offering to show his McDonald’s receipt.

Following that, the friend then said that he needed the packaging “asap” and asked if he could meet the seller at his block on the day itself.

Carouseller BTS Meal binSource

The seller agreed, even sending his address to the friend.

Then came the twist.

The friend replied the seller saying he could just leave it in “here”, referring to a picture of a bin at a void deck.

Poks fun at Carousellers selling BTS meal packaging

The friend seemed to be poking fun at the many scalpers trying to sell their packaging on Carousell as well as the diehard fans willing to pay high prices to get hold of it.

It is a trend emerging on TikTok as well, with people showing themselves throwing the BTS meal packaging into bins.


watch till the end #bts #btsmeal #btsmealmcdonalds #macdonalds #tiktoksg #fyp

♬ Butter – 방탄소년단 (BTS)

This comes as just 1 hour after the meal’s official launch, countless listings of the meal packaging appeared on Carousell, with some being sold at extremely inflated prices.

McDonald’s BTS Meal Packaging Resold On Carousell, Half-Eaten Sauce Goes For $69K

Since then, Carousell has urged users not to overprice their BTS McDonald’s meal listings.

They have also taken down those listed at exorbitant prices.

Currently, many listings of the meal packagings are still up but most seem to be more reasonably priced, ranging from $0 to $30.

Carouseller BTS Meal binSource

That said, some sellers are still trying their luck, selling their packagings for hundreds of dollars.

BTS meal still available for delivery

The BTS ARMY certainly should not be underestimated when it comes to showing support for their beloved oppas.

But there’s also no need to rush to purchase overly priced packaging on Carousell.

After all, the meal is still available for just $8.90 now at McDonald’s. So why not enjoy your idols’ favourite Macs order while collecting the packagings?

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