Car In China Scatters Cash On Expressway After Accident, Motorists Gather Notes & Return Them

Car Gets Into Accident In Hebei & Scatters Cash On Expressway

Many people might find themselves in a ‘take or not to take’ quandary when they chance upon cash on the ground.

In Hebei, China, a group of individuals stopped to gather notes that had scattered as a result of an accident on the expressway.

Source: 新京报 on YouTube

They eventually returned the money to its rightful owner, who intended to pay his employees using the cash.

Cash scatted on expressway after accident involving car & sweeper truck

Footage shared by Henan Television showed a black car grazing a sweeper truck before flipping over to the other side of the expressway.

Source: Henan Television on Weibo

The window on the left side of the car was damaged in the accident. As the wind started blowing, cash on the vehicle started scattering all over the expressway.

Source: Henan Television on Weibo

Mr Li (transliterated from Chinese), as well as 12 other passengers in the van he was driving, witnessed the incident.

Recounting the accident, Mr Li said his immediate response was to stop the van to help those involved in the accident.

Meanwhile, some of them helped to gather the cash scattered all over the expressway.

Source: 新京报 on YouTube

After gathering the 100-yuan notes, the group returned them to the driver.

Mr Li estimated that the cash totalled about several hundred thousand or a few million yuan.

Ms Wang, one of the individuals who stopped at the scene, said she wanted to help collect the cash.

Nobody would be carrying such a large sum of money unless it’s for an emergency.

Injured driver intended to pay employees’ wages using cash

The driver of the car reportedly sustained head injuries and had to be conveyed to the hospital.

However, he was initially hesitant, worried that there wouldn’t be enough space in the ambulance for the cash.

The police eventually offered to store the cash in their vehicle.

Source: Chang Cheng New Media on Douyin

According to CCTV News, the injured driver had intended to pay his employees’ wages using the cash.

The driver wasn’t seriously injured as he received timely treatment for his injuries.

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Featured image adapted from Henan Television on Weibo and 新京报 on YouTube.

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