Cat & Dog Strike Up Unlikely Friendship, But Pass Away Within 18 Days Of Each Other

Man In China Immortalises Cat & Dog Friendship On Douyin After They Both Pass Away

Cats and dogs famously do not get along in popular media, and some of our pets would corroborate that claim, hissing and barking at each other if they pass in public.

But a cat and dog duo in China managed to buck the prevailing stereotype and struck up a fast friendship, often playing together and becoming as close as brothers.

Unfortunately, after the senior dog became paralysed and passed away due to old age, the cat became depressed, refused to eat, and passed on just 18 days later.

This wholesome yet heartrending tale was told by a Chinese Douyin user who owned both pets.

Cat strikes up friendship with dog after being adopted

Douyin user “公子讷” (Gongzi Ne) initially adopted a pet husky in 2007 and when the dog turned seven, he adopted a stray cat.

As a street wanderer, the cat was initially wary of others and was slow to open up. But the dog’s friendliness won the cat over and they spent their lives together for the next six years.

Source: @公子讷 on Douyin.

Perhaps they got along so swimmingly because of their similar fur colour scheme.

But tragedy struck in 2018 when the 11-year-old dog became paralysed due to old age.

His owner built an improvised wheelchair for the dog to get around. However, the canine passed on two years later.

Source: @公子讷 on Douyin.

Cat became depressed after ‘brother’ passed away

While the owner was understandably sad, the cat also did not take his ‘brother’s’ passing well, given how close they were.

Source: @公子讷 on Douyin.

The cat apparently stopped eating or drinking, no matter what the owner fed it.

Not even a trip to the hospital could cure the cat’s depression or refusal to eat. It was as though his reason to live was gone.

Sadly, 18 days after the dog’s passing, the cat also passed away.

The owner then resolved to bury both pets together so they could be together in the afterlife.

Although the Douyin account is dormant with the passing of both animals, the owner has seemingly chosen to keep it up instead of deactivating it as he wants to keep their memory forever.

A friendship that transcended species

Dogs are popularly known as man’s best friends for their unwavering loyalty. It’s less common to see them extend that loyalty to other animals, let alone cats.

But the Douyin user managed to get both of them to live in harmony, to the point where it seemed they were inseparable.

While they literally could not live with each other on this Earth anymore, we hope they’re at least together in the afterlife.

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Featured image adapted from @公子讷 on Douyin.

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