MacPherson Cat Feeder Shares Challenges Of Feeding On Rainy Days, Uses Umbrella To Shield Felines

Cat Feeder Shares Challenges Of Finding & Feeding Felines On Rainy Days

The weather of late has been cool and rainy, much to many’s delights.

However, a regular community cat feeder, David Loh KC, recently took to Facebook to share some of the struggles rainy days present.

Source: David Loh K C on Facebook

Mr Loh, who has been a cat feeder for eight years, would use an umbrella to shield the felines from the rain when feeding them.

Speaking to MS News, he shared that the rain makes it harder to find the cats and his heart goes out to those that are left hungry and cold.

Hard to locate them in the rain

60-year-old Mr Loh said he has been feeding cats in his MacPherson Garden Estate for eight years now.

He knows the community cats well, having seen some of them through from kittens to adulthood.

In his Facebook post, Mr Loh said feeding cats in the rain is “very challenging” as it is especially difficult to locate them.

He told MS News he often needs to whistle at them and listen to their hungry “meows” from their hiding spot under cars, in houses, or on roofs.

Source: David Loh K C on Facebook

Besides that, he would typically shake his box of kibbles, patiently waiting for them to make an appearance. This process alone takes about 15 minutes for each cat.

Cat feeder shields cats with umbrella on rainy days

And when they finally appear, Mr Loh said they are often all wet from waiting for him.

This is why he’ll use an umbrella to offer them some form of shelter as they nibble on their food.

Source: David Loh K C on Facebook

He shared that sometimes, they’d wait up to three hours for him by the side of roads or alleyways for him when it is raining.

Typically, he would start making his rounds around the neighbourhood at around 6.30pm.

There are around five cats in each area he ventures to but because not all of them get along, he needs to separate them when feeding. In total, he cares for about 15 cats.

cat feeder rainy days

Source: David Loh K C on Facebook

When asked if he shields himself from the rain, Mr Loh said stroking the cats often makes him forget about himself. But in wet weather, he’ll typically wear a cap.

cat feeder rainy days

Source: David Loh K C on Facebook

Hopes more cats will be kept in a safe loving environment

Mr Loh told MS News that he feels for these voiceless animals who are often left to fend for themselves.

Much like children, they will be even more hungry and cold on rainy days.

He is so passionate about not letting them go hungry that if he fails to find a cat, he will sometimes go back to the area two hours later to search for it again. Mr Loh says he will do this until he gets to feed them.

Source: David Loh K C on Facebook

But if all goes well, his feedings usually take about one to two hours.

During his feedings sometimes he’d even have to fend off some people who do not like them hanging around their houses.

With landed property in the area, it presents its own set of challenges as there aren’t many public spaces available to feed the cats.

Ultimately, Mr Loh says he hopes that the Housing Development Board (HDB) will alter their rules to accept cats.

This way, there will be lesser free-roaming community cats and more cats will be sterilised and kept in a safe, loving environment.

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Featured image adapted from David Loh K C on Facebook.

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