Cat Sprints Ahead Of Runner At Marathon In China, Crosses Finishing Line First

Cat Sprints Ahead Of 1st Place Runner At Marathon In China To Win Race

As a marathon runner, the last thing you’d probably expect to get bested by has to be a cat.

And yet, this was exactly the scene in China recently, where a cat crossed the finishing line before the first-place runner at the 2023 Fuling Chongqing Half Marathon.

It sprinted out at the last stretch of the race, bounding across the route to emerge as the (unofficial) winner of the race.

Cat crosses finishing line of marathon in China

Local media in China reported that the 2023 Fuling Half Marathon took place in Fuling District, Chongqing on 29 Oct.

Source: China News

With 5,000 runners participating, a competitor surnamed Wang eventually emerged as the winner for the men’s half-marathon with a timing of one hour, eight minutes and 36 seconds.

Source: China News

Or at least, he would have been if it hadn’t been for one cat in particular.

Source: @minhau_pet_ on Instagram

A video of the feline crossing the finishing line before him has been circulating on the Internet, much to the amusement of netizens.

In the footage, the cat jumps out from the barricade separating the different lanes of the route used for the marathon.

Source: @minhau_pet_ on Instagram

It then weaves expertly between the cones, showing off its flexibility as well as its sprinting prowess.

Source: @minhau_pet_ on Instagram

The feline goes on to dash down the lane, beating Wang to the finishing line with ease.

Source: @minhau_pet_ on Instagram

Netizens congratulate cat for winning

The video has since gone viral on Instagram, with many viewers congratulating the cat for emerging as the champion of the race.

They mostly felt that the feline won the race fair and square, and deserved the title as the winner of the marathon.

Source: Instagram

However, others pointed out that the cat definitely cheated by sprinting out only in the last stretch of the race.

Source: Instagram

As for the rest, they were indifferent to the ongoing debate, and simply thought that the cat was too adorable for words.

Source: Instagram

Regardless of the manner in which it won the race, the cat certainly deserves kudos for its running prowess.

Here’s hoping we get to see it continue its winning streak for even more races.

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