Republic Poly Voyeur Gets 10-Week Jail Term; Netizens Question Verdict Of NUS Case

He trespassed & filmed 2 girls in the school shower.

Donate Your Old Sport Shoes & Turn Them Into New Running Tracks Around S’pore

Build new running tracks with your old shoes.

10 Cases Of People Who Have Gone Missing In Singapore

People Who Have Gone Missing In Singapore We've taken a look at unbelievable crimes that happened in Singapore, leading us to explore other tragedies that have taken place here. One would think that on such a small island, people would not vanish without a trace. Sadly, some of these disappearances ended in...

NUS Voyeur Claims He Confessed To The Victim & Didn’t ‘Run Away’ From His...

He confirms he wasn't "dead drunk", and is sorry for his actions.

Ex-Adam Khoo Students Reveal The Sacrifices Of Elite Education In Singapore

Is Singapore's education landscape getting too competitive?

Singapore Police Claims NUS Voyeur Was ‘Remorseful’; Explains That Jail Term May ‘Likely Ruin...

The offender's parent's background wasn't taken into account 

Heng Swee Keat To Be Promoted To Deputy Prime Minister On 1 May

Yep, he's definitely our next Prime Minister.

5 NSL MRT Stations Closed For Canberra Station Opening; Shuttle Buses Are Provided

Canberra residents, your MRT station will open by 2019.

Cross Island MRT Line Gets You From Punggol To Pasir Ris In 15 Min,...

Singapore's latest MRT line to open by 2029.



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