S’pore Shipping Container Hotel Is Like A Luxury Tiny House In Quieter Spots Around The City

S’pore Shipping Container Hotel Is Great For A Chill Staycation At Unique Locations

The long Chinese New Year (CNY) weekend is coming up and you’re wondering how best to spend it.

Travelling to Malaysia may mean confronting the snaking causeway jam, but a staycation at a local hotel can be costly.

But what if you can escape the hustle and bustle of the city without leaving it, and at an affordable price?

Shipping Container Hotel may be the answer to all your prayers.

Shipping Container Hotel pops up at One-North

Nobody really goes to One-North, which is precisely why Shipping Container Hotel’s location is perfect for a quiet escape.


Standing alone amidst other nondescript buildings, nobody would guess that the random container houses a luxurious tiny hotel inside.

Comfy interior makes for a cozy home away from home

One look at the outside and you probably won’t think much of it, but wait till you see the inside of the Shipping Container Hotel.


If you think that’s a spacious bedroom in someone’s apartment, you’re wrong. The fluffy pillow and soft sheets are lying atop a foldout bed in a bedroom inside the hotel.

You can push the structure back up and convert it into a couch, which you can lounge on during the day.


What an ingenious way to save space. There’s even a TV complete with Netflix, so you can Netflix and chill away your short staycay.


Look at that WiFi router and Google Home speaker making the living space look so high tech. Already wishing this was your home? Wait, there’s more.

Indoor & outdoor spaces to spend quality time at

The sleeping and lounging areas aren’t the only spots that make the hotel homely.

You can have meals at the minimalist-inspired dining area, which looks like it came straight out of an IKEA catalogue.


Since there’s no room service, you’ll have to settle your own laundry, but nobody’s complaining when there’s a state-of-the-art washing machine available.


And since we’re on the topic of cleaning, yes, the bathroom is spotless, not like some portable toilet at an outdoor festival.


Perfect place for a short getaway

Even if it’s for a quick escape from work and not a proper vacation, Shipping Container Hotel is the perfect spot for you.


You can worry about work in a more relaxing setting like the outdoor deck above, or the serene indoor work space below:


Each container hotel can house about 4 adults and cost between $140-$160/night, which you can book via the link here.

Founder Mr Seah Liang Chiang told Channel NewsAsia (CNA) that he plans to set up more of such hotels in various unique locations around Singapore in the future, so do keep a lookout.

For now, you can check out the first Shipping Container Hotels via the following details:

Address: Shipping Container Hotel, Block 77 & 81 Ayer Rajah Crescent, Singapore 139954
Nearest MRT station: one-north

Note that the hotel will only stay at any location for 2 to 3 years before moving elsewhere, so make sure to check before planning your stay.

Featured image adapted from Shipping Container Hotel.

Penang’s Kek Lok Si Gets Lit For CNY With 10,000 Lights, Looks Like An Imperial City In The Hills

Kek Lok Si Temple In Penang Holds Annual Display Of 10,000 Lights & Lanterns From 19 Jan-21 Feb

Chinese New Year is just a week away, and if you happen to be heading to Penang to visit your relatives, boy, are you in for a treat.

From 19 Jan-21 Feb, Penang’s Kek Lok Si Temple, with over 10,000 lights installed, will be transformed into an ethereal palace looking over the island.


We bet you’ll be tempted to stop and stare at the temple’s glimmering radiance. Here’s a look at their past CNY celebrations so you know what to expect when you’re there.

Do come armed with DSLRs and a fully charged smartphone ’cause one thing’s for sure, there’ll be lots of beautiful shots for the ‘gram.

More than 10,000 lights installed at Kek Lok Si Temple

Like previous years, Kek Lok Si temple – Malaysia’s largest Buddhist temple – will be home to over 10,000 light installations that will spark much excitement for the Lunar New Year.


The destination will be jam-packed with LEDs, traditional Chinese lanterns, and bright neon lights.

According to Penang Foodie on Friday (17 Jan), the traditional lanterns will alternate between contrasting red and yellow colours, transforming it into a vibrant complex.  


Kek Lok Si Temple, which sits atop the hills of Ayer Itam, is a sight to behold during the day. But here’s news —  it looks even better at night.


Don’t forget to go to the top floors of the highest temples to catch this panoramic view of the island.


While we frequently see a lot of city lights, this stunning sight looks straight of Disney’s Mulan animated film, as they celebrate the victory of the war after defeating the Huns.

Visitors can also look forward to spectacular firework displays that will put conventional firecrackers to shame.


After a long night of sightseeing, you can relax with friends and family at this pagoda. We hope you can experience peace and quiet for a nice change of pace.


Pray for good fortune within the temple’s golden red interiors

Devout Buddhists can also visit the stunning temples to pray for prosperity and good fortune.


They say praying on the first day of the New Year is effective. So, dropping by the temple may be the extra boost you need to ace university examinations, have good health, and live a prosperous life with your family.


Traditional Chinese lanterns also light up the gold and red interior of the spiritual complex. The bright lights make the atmosphere brighter and more cheerful than the usual temples we frequent.


The temple also has stunning gardens leading to Buddhist statues, where you can place your lit incense sticks into the pot after prayers are done.


How to get to Kek Lok Si temple

Kek Lok Si temple is a 45-minute cab ride from the Penang International Airport.

The temple opens daily from 8.30am-5.30pm. But if you solely plan to bask in the warmth of its radiant lights, here’s what you need to know.

Kek Lok Si Display of Lights

Address: 1000-L, Tingkat Lembah Ria 1, 11500 Ayer Itam, Pulau Pinang
Date: 19 Jan-21 Feb
Opening Hours: 7pm-12am
Website: Facebook page

Kek Lok Si temple has gorgeous lanterns and temples that are bound to take your breath away. Don’t forget to stop by if you’re planning a trip to Penang soon.

Will you visit soon? Let us know in the comments below.

Featured image from Facebook.

Bugis Street & Village Is Getting A New Look With Container Shops & Link Bridge To MRT Station

Bugis Street & Village To Be Integrated & Revamped Under CapitaLand

Bugis Street, known for its cheap clothing and street food, is a popular shopping destination for Singaporeans on a budget.


If you visit the shopping district frequently, here are some good news. The shopping experience there is about to get better, thanks to CapitaLand — Bugis Street’s new management.

The iconic shopping street will soon be merged with Bugis Village – a mall in the same vicinity – forming an integrated shopping destination named Bugis Box.


Bugis will feature container shops like Common Ground

Following the success of concept malls like Funan Mall, which opened last June, Bugis Box will also have their own modern design and unique colour.

Not only will it have a marketplace that opens from day to night, the integrated shopping haven will also feature modern street market as well as shared spaces such as co-living and co-working areas.


With the addition of container shops, Singapore may soon have our very own mini Common Ground.

Common Ground is a mall constructed from shipping containers in Seoul, South Korea

Will also have retail incubator for shops to experiment with new concepts

A retail incubator is also part of the proposed plans.


This specialised space will allow retail brands to experiment with new concepts and push boundaries.

A new food hub for hungry shoppers

Famished from all the shopping, shoppers can also head to the new food hub which sells popular local dishes as well as other delicacies from around the region.

Visitors can also try their hand at recreating these dishes on the spot, or bring back ‘instant’ versions of the delicacies.

From laksa pastes to bak kut teh soup packs, these are the perfect souvenirs for tourists to dabao home.

Convenient linkway bridge from MRT

To save visitors the dreadful walk across the sun, there’ll also be a link bridge connecting Bugis Street to Bugis+.

Bugis+ is also connected to Bugis Junction, which happens to be strategically positioned above Bugis MRT.

To cut it short, you’ll be able to get from Bugis MRT to the new Bugis Box without having to bear with the sweltering heat or getting drenched under torrential rain.

Bugis Street, an upgraded version

With the fresh design, convenient access, and the increased variety of stores, Bugis Street and Bugis Village are likely to see new shoppers patronising their stores.

What other features would you like to see in this zhng-ed up Bugis Street? Share your suggestions in the comments below.

Featured image adapted from CapitaLand

Daiso Vivocity To Reopen On 15 Jan A Floor Below Old Store, Shoppers Welcome Return

Daiso Returns To VivoCity After A 2-Year Hiatus

News of the closure of Daiso at VivoCity in 2018 broke many frequent shoppers’ hearts.

Bukit Merah Public Library subsequently took over the space, after Daiso’s last day on 17 Feb that year.

But the farewell turned out not to be forever, as visitors spotted a large sign just one level below, next to Cotton On.


Daiso confirmed their return to VivoCity in a poster on their website, marking a surprising comeback after a 2-year hiatus.


Fans of the $2 store can finally rejoice.

Netizens bemoaned loss of VivoCity Daiso in 2018

When Daiso VivoCity announced its closing, many bemoaned the loss of the outlet.

A netizen said that without Daiso, there was no reason to go to VivoCity anymore.


Another netizen said that VivoCity was no longer the same mall. Instead, having both the library and Daiso would be the best.


Well, the earnest wishes of these netizens have been granted as Daiso is coming back to VivoCity.

One floor below the original store

According to the Singapore Bargain Queen, the new Daiso outlet is located right below the library, on the second floor. The shops spans across 2 units — #02-41 and #02-42.

If you’re very familiar with the mall, that’s right next to Cotton On, on the same level as Golden Village cinemas.


Enthusiastic netizens have been tagging their friends in Singapore Bargain Queen’s post to share the good news.

Since the opening is only two days away, of course most are jio-ing their friends to visit the new outlet.

Happily ever after for Daiso fans

With Daiso’s return to VivoCity, perhaps Singaporeans will have a reason to visit VivoCity again and go on a massive shopping spree.

Will you be heading down to the new Daiso at VivoCity? Let us know in the comments.

Featured image adapted from Twitter.

Huge Pineapples Conquer Tanjong Pagar Rooftop Garden, We Wish We Can Roll Them For Extra ‘Huat’

Singapore Chinese Cultural Centre Has Rooftop Garden With Huge Pineapples & Mahjong Tiles

Get the extra fortune you’ll need this Chinese New Year by visiting this rooftop garden.

On Thursday (9 Jan), Singapore Chinese Cultural Centre (SCCC) announced the launch of their Huat Huat Land rooftop garden which features supersized pineapples and mahjong tiles.

The illuminating pineapples that span up to 3-metres in height will provide the perfect backdrop for memorable pictures with friends and family.

Here are the installations that you can look forward to.

Giant pineapples & mahjong tiles on SCCC rooftop garden

Traditional locals love to roll pineapples around their homes for prosperity and good luck. There’s nothing wrong with wanting more so if you want good grades or a promotion these giant pineapples might give you the extra boost you need.

Mahjong tiles may get you good health, wisdom, happiness and all the good things in life. While we’ll never know what the future holds, you might get a brighter future by shuffling these gigantic tiles.

We want our loved ones to live joyful lives so enjoy some good ‘ol fashioned bonding in this festive wonderland.

We bet kids will enjoy playing with their cousins or meeting new friends as they explore the interior of this golden bar.

Artistic murals

Huat Huat Land has artistic murals by illustrator Lee Xin Li that are inspired by images of annual CNY celebrations.

We bet that the rooftop garden will shine brightly so we’re excited to view these creative illustrations in perfect lighting.

Mr Low Sze Wee, Chief Executive Officer of SCCC, hopes that these installations will make families and friends closer.

He said,

We hope that our Huat Huat Land will enable families and friends to bond together.

Augmented Reality red packet

Tech enthusiasts will be happy to know that SCCC has leveraged AR tech in their red packets too.

Artist Lee Xin Li said,

This red packet is inspired by the sights and sounds that one experiences during CNY while visiting relatives.

Visitors can scan the QR code in their red packet and watch festive traditions like lion dance performances and the exchange of mandarin oranges.

Tourists can learn more about these traditions by reading the write-ups provided by Spark AR from Facebook.

CNY at Singapore Chinese Cultural Centre

SCCC’s rooftop garden will be available from now until 8 Feb. Admission is free.

You’re bound to get all the luck that you need by spending a day in Huat Huat Land. These gigantic pineapples and mahjong tiles might be the key to getting new opportunities for the upcoming year.

Are you planning to visit Singapore Chinese Cultural Centre soon? Let us know your CNY plans in the comments.

All images courtesy of Singapore Chinese Cultural Centre.

FairPrice Xtra Has Adorable Mickey Mouse Plates, Tiffin Carriers & More This CNY, Must-Have For Fans

FairPrice Xtra Has Cute Mickey & Minnie Mouse Goodies To Celebrate Year Of The Rat

Back in the day, bringing a Mickey Mouse lunchbox to school was all the rage. I remember in primary school, there was no shortage of mice in the classrooms – except they were cartoonish and not actual rodents.

Stationery, cups, notebooks – whatever you laid your gaze upon, there would be the visage of Mickey.

Come 2020, and Mickey & Minnie are back – although it’s debatable if they ever left – thanks to the Year of the Rat, with FairPrice Xtra’s special Chinese New Year promotions.

FairPrice Xtra is celebrating Chinese New Year by offering customers the chance to get some exclusive Mickey & Minnie Mouse saucer plates and tiffin carriers.

Redeem limited edition Mickey & Minnie Mouse plates

This Mickey & Minnie Mouse Saucer Plate will not only ring in the Lunar New Year but also add to your Mickey collection – killing 2 birds with 1 stone.

The plate will belong to you with a minimum $30 spend on participating Mickey/Minnie Mouse products in a single FairPrice Xtra receipt, so you can shop for your CNY goodies while you’re at it.

There’ll be a total of 4 designs, one released each Thursday, and they’ll be available until Wed (29 Jan), so you can schedule your weekly grocery shopping then*.

Redemption can be done at the Customer Service Counter by presenting your receipt.

*Terms and conditions apply.

Save the Earth using Mickey & Minnie tiffin carrier at $29.90 with $50 spend

If 2 of your New Year’s Resolutions are to eat more healthily and go green, a tingkat (tiffin carrier) might just be the thing you need to fulfill them.

The tingkat contains 3 tiers, perfect for storing not only your hopes and dreams, but also homemade lunch crafted with love.

These themed carriers can be bought for $29.90 each, with a minimum spend of $50 in a single receipt.

The receipt must contain at least 1 Mickey or Minnie Mouse product in-store, such as this special Kit Kat sharebag with Mickey/Minnie fortune container, at $12.40 each.

Similarly to the plates, each receipt entitles customers to up to 2 purchases of the tiffin carrier per day, while stocks last.*

*Terms and conditions apply.

On certain dates, you can also pick up a free CNY Prosperity Bag with the same minimum spend of $50, so be sure to time your grocery shopping if you don’t want to miss out.


There’ll also be a Prosperity Toss you can join after spending a minimum of $50 in 1 receipt, being held on the following dates at the following FairPrice Xtra locations at 10am-4pm:

  • 11 Jan – Kallang Wave, nex
  • 12 Jan – Jurong Point (JP2)
  • 18 Jan – Changi Business Park
  • 19 Jan – AMK Hub

Join Super Shopper Challenge with $30 spend

Think you’re a discerning and shrewd buyer? Put your skills to the test with FairPrice’s Super Shopper Challenge – Chinese New Year edition.

Every $30 spend entitles a customer to a chance to join the event, with 35 lucky shoppers to be selected. The best players will get to join the Grand Finale, to be held on 20 Feb at FairPrice Xtra VivoCity!

More details can be found here.

Make your CNY grocery shopping at FairPrice Xtra

All goods are while stocks last, so don’t delay and make sure you get your CNY shopping done before CNY hits, at FairPrice Xtra’s 8 outlets around Singapore.

They are located at:

  • AMK Hub
  • Changi Business Park
  • Hougang 1
  • Jem
  • Jurong Point (JP2)
  • Kallang Wave
  • nex
  • VivoCity

For more information, you can check out other FairPrice CNY deals here.

This post is brought to you in collaboration with FairPrice Xtra.

Photography by Adria.

Sembawang Hot Spring Is A Lovely Community Space Like Onsens In Japan, Says Japanese YouTuber

Japanese YouTuber Tries To Cook Onsen Egg At Sembawang Hot Spring Park

Countless Singaporeans flocked to Sembawang Hot Spring Park after it re-opened last Saturday (4 Jan) after a 16-month renovation.


YouTuber Ghib Ojisan, who hails from Japan – the Mecca of onsens – paid a visit to the park.


Soaking in hot spring in the sweltering heat

At the start, the YouTuber soaked his feet in 40°C waters for 3 minutes but was starting to sweat.

He makes an estimation of the weather – “39°C” apparently – and questions why he was even soaking his feet in the sweltering heat.


He compared the experience to “soaking in Japan’s summer”.

Curious about the hotter water on the next ‘level’, he headed over to dip his feet in.


Yet, he gives up immediately and is amazed that it felt significantly hotter even though the temperature was higher by only 5°C.

Tried to make an onsen egg usinghot spring water

Another quintessential part of the hot spring experience is cooking a soft-boiled egg with the hot spring water.

Ghib Ojisan attempted to make an onsen egg too, using the 70°C water and an egg he bought from a wet market.


Unfortunately, he did not steep it long enough and the egg was completely raw when he peeled it open.


Perhaps it’s best to soak the eggs for a longer time since the water isn’t boiling hot. Here’s a successful example, courtesy of our colleagues:


Hot spring is a “community place”

While Ghib Ojisan admits that there are differences between Japan’s onsens and Singapore’s hot spring, he shares that there’s 1 uniting similarity — hot springs are a community space.


He pointed out that hot springs bring people together and allow them to “naturally talk to each other”.

In ending, he concluded that the world would be a better place with more hot springs,

World will be a better place with more onsen and places to interact with one another.

Head over to Sembawang Hot Spring

If you want to see how the hot spring has changed after the renovation and soak your feet too, this NParks guide on how to get there will be pretty handy.

For those who want to have a go at cooking your eggs, remember to bring your own as they are not sold at the park.

Have fun!

Featured image adapted from YouTube.

Gardens By The Bay Has 360° Rooftop Deck That Lets You Catch A Bird’s Eye View Of Marina Bay

Supertree Observatory Rooftop Deck At Gardens By The Bay Lets You Enjoy Unobstructed Views Of Marina Bay

Stepping into the scenic kingdom that is Gardens By The Bay, many will marvel at the splendour of her towering Supertrees.

There aren’t many chances we get to see these glitzy structures from above, except maybe if you’re one of the lucky ones who own a drone.

But from today onward, you’ll now get to have a bird’s eye view of Marina Bay right from the top of a Supertree.

Located at 50m above ground, the Supertree Observatory is officially open.

Rooftop deck located at the tallest Supertree

The Supertree Observatory is located all the way at the top, at the canopy of the tallest Supertree in the Supertree Grove.

This means that your view won’t be obstructed by streetlights, humans, or just about anything when you’re so high up.

Visitors get to take a lift all the way to the top. Look out for this ‘secret’ life, neatly tucked within the trunk of the Supertree.

2 main areas for visitors to explore

Once you get to the top, the Supertree Observatory has 2 main areas you can look forward to exploring the:

  • Open-air circular rooftop deck, which is the highest point in Gardens by the Bay
  • Observatory space located a floor below the rooftop deck, comprising an indoor area with ceiling-to-floor glass windows and an outdoor walkway.

Refreshments will be available

You can also enjoy a drink or two while you’re up there, at the Supertree Observatory Cafe.

There’ll be refreshments on the menu, such as cocktails, mocktails, and light snacks too, so your stomach won’t go hungry while you’re taking in Singapore’s splendid views.

Tickets cost between $6-$10 for Singapore residents

A trip to the Supertree Observatory will definitely be great for a family day out.

For residents in Singapore, tickets for adults will cost $10. For senior citizens above the age of 60 and children aged 3 to 12, the tickets will cost $6 each only.


Member prices will be halved if you visit anytime from now to 5 Jan next year.


The observatory will be open daily from 9am to 9pm, with the last admission at 8.30pm.

There’ll be days when the observatory will be closed too.


New views at Gardens by the Bay

Many of us have visited Gardens by the Bay, but this is a chance to see the gardens, and even the breathtaking Marina Bay skyline, in a different light.

Considering the fact that the observatory can accommodate 120 visitors at a time – 40 more than the popular OCBC Skyway – queues may be long, but we’re sure the views will be worth it.

All images courtesy of Gardens By The Bay unless stated otherwise. Featured image adapted from Unsplash.

Splash Out Water Theme Park In Langkawi Just Opened & They Have Massive 6-Storey Slides

Splash Out Water Theme Park In Langkawi Has 12 Thrilling Slides And Rides

The end-of-year school holidays might be coming to an end, but we may have found a tourist attraction that you and your ‘lil ones can look forward to visiting during the next school holidays in March.

On Tuesday (24 Dec), Penang Foodie reported the opening of Splash Out — a new water theme park in Langkawi, Malaysia.

This water kingdom has 12 thrilling slides including Splash Twister, River of Life, Perfect Storm and Shipwreck Falls that will guarantee your family a splashing good time.


Here’s what you can look forward to at the new theme park.

Craziest thrill rides

Langkawi Island is well-known for its sprawling beaches. Now, you and your family can experience the craziest water-themed thrill rides too.


Wonder what it’s like to be in the vortex of a hurricane? Ride the Perfect Storm – a 40-degree parabolic ride – that will certainly get your heart pumping. Time to cling to your loved ones because you’re in for a wild experience.


Theme parks are never complete without roller coaster rides. Thrill-seekers should bookmark the Shipwreck Falls which slowly propels guests uphill before plunging them towards the pool.


Speed junkies can also race their pals in Ragin’ Racers, which can go up to 50km per hour.


Visitors can also try the intergalactic Poseidon’s Revenger and Splash-Tacular rides, which takes place in a dark tube. You will be kept in suspense all throughout because you’ll be ‘dunked’ into the pool at the end.


The Splash-Python and Splash-Twister rides also offer adrenaline-inducing riding experiences. They say you’ll be soaring dizzying heights so we’re hoping you won’t get sick on the way down.


Lepak on the River of Life

Parents who want a lepak visit can float peacefully on the River of Life with their families. Remember to chope a float for yourself the first thing you get there, or you’d have to rely on your body’s buoyancy.


If your kids love running in the rain, they will surely enjoy Sprinkle Island, which allows them to run around in a playground with jets of water spraying from all directions.


Beat the heat with your friends and family by getting drenched in the Splash Kingdom. 250 litres of water will fall from the ‘heavens’ every 1 to 2 minutes so you’re bound to get soaked.


The Rainbow Rider is a giant slide that’s friendly for almost everyone. If you’re scared of the more exhilarating slides, this ‘watered down’ version is the one for you.


Splash Out Water Theme Park will give you a splashing good time

If you’d like to have a splashing good time when you’re in Langkawi, consider adding Splash Out Water Theme Park to your itinerary during your next visit.

The destination is a 22-minute cab ride from Langkawi International Airport.

Address: 79, Persiaran Mutiara 2, Pusat Perdagangan Kelana Mas, 07000 Langkawi, Kedah
Opening Hours:
Mon-Thur: 10am-6pm
Fri-Sun: 10am–7pm
Public Holidays: 10am–7pm
Contact Number: +604–9611 520
Email: enquiry@splashoutlangkawi.com
Website: Splash Out Langkawi

Whether you’re an adrenaline junkie or someone seeking to float in mundane pools, you’re bound to find a ride that suits your preference.

Featured image from Google Maps. 

Legendary T2 Changi Airport McDonald’s To Close In Jan 2020 After 16 Years Of Operation

Popular Mugging Spot At Changi Airport T2 McDonald’s Is Closing In Jan 2020

One peculiarity about Singapore is just how accessible the airport is. A simple train or bus ride is enough to get there, and coupled with its wondrous 24-hour restaurants like McDonald’s, Changi Airport has become the symbol of students mugging at food joints.

But all good things must come to an end, and just as with other iconic Mac’s over the years such as King Albert Park and the alfresco outlet at Shaw Centre, Changi Airport’s Terminal 2 (T2) will be saying goodbye to its own Mac’s after 16 years of operation.


A netizen on Reddit’s r/singapore subreddit, dkmag, delivered the heartbreaking news on 22 Dec (Sun).


The reason for the McDonald’s closure is that Changi Airport is expanding T2 over a 5-year period, reported The Straits Times.

This means that the spacious and memory-filled place we knew and loved will have to shut after 16 years.

Popular study spot due to spacious area

Despite occasional grouses from Singaporeans who can’t fathom why students would use cafes and restaurants as study spots, the practice has endured and one of their favourite midnight haunts at T2 has to be the McDonald’s.

Why McDonald’s at T2 in particular? Well, it’s plenty spacious compared to the other Mac’s located in T3 and T4.


This alone makes it less likely that staff will kick you out for staying there the entire night.

Tech-savvy students will prefer other places such as Krispy Kreme or Starbucks, but those who study the old-school way – with pen, foolscap paper and a mountain of past year papers – will find Mac’s more than sufficient for their needs.

Supper spot and chill area before flights

Of course, this being Changi Airport, food is in abundance and it is a foodie haunt in its own right.

Before East areas like Tampines sprouted 24-hour Mac’s of their own, Changi Airport, just a short trip away, was a popular spot for a good ol’ midnight McSpicy meal.


Or perhaps you were catching a flight at the ungodly hour of 7am and you’ve got to have a Big Breakfast and coffee at 4am – McDonald’s was that trusty friend who’d always be there, 24 hours a day.


Back in Singapore after a lengthy trip overseas? One of the first things you’ll see after landing is none other than the McDonald’s.

Cue a quick comfort meal as your welcome home, back in the days before Jewel was a thing.

Certainly, there’s much to remember about this particular McDonald’s.

Farewell, Changi Airport T2 McDonald’s

For many, this Mac’s holds fond memories – be it a late night cram session or just a supper spot before catching a flight out, there was always something familiar about it that made travellers and Singaporeans alike flock up the stairs, past the Ronald McDonald statue.


Yes, there are other Mac’s available at T3 and T4, but we’re still sad to see this one go.

According to the poster by dkmag on Reddit, the T2 outlet will close at the stroke of midnight on 31 Jan 2020, so you have slightly over a month to have your last throwback meal there.

Did you have any memorable experiences at the Changi Airport T2 McDonald’s? Let us know in the comments!

Featured image adapted from Blogspot.


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