Esplanade Park Visitors To Enjoy Seamless Walk After Connaught Drive & Anderson Bridge Transformation

Roads Around Esplanade Park To Be Fully Pedestrianised For Visitors From End-Dec 2021

Despite being a small country, there are many interesting places to explore in Singapore, including in the Civic District.

On Friday (5 Nov), the authorities announced plans to fully pedestrianise Connaught Drive and Anderson Bridge near Esplanade Park, and Padang.


Upon completion, members of the public can look forward to more green and walkable spaces in the Civic District, such as parks and open plazas.

Esplanade Park visitors can enjoy walk along Connaught Drive

On Friday (5 Nov), LTA, NParks, and URA jointly released a press statement regarding works to pedestrianise Connaught Drive and Anderson Bridge.


This will help to enhance walkability and create a more pedestrian-friendly environment in the Civic District.

Once works are completed, visitors can enjoy a seamless walking experience amidst lush greenery between Esplanade Park, Empress Place, and Padang.

Additionally, the public can also have easier access to historical and arts attractions on foot.

Changes in traffic arrangements from end-Dec 2021

As some roads around the area are pedestrianised, the agencies also announced changes to traffic arrangements that will be implemented from end-Dec 2021.


As Connaught Drive will be closed to all vehicular traffic, the coach pick-up and drop-off points will be relocated to the nearby roundabout at the junction connecting Fullerton Road and Connaught Drive.

Additionally, bus stop 02029 will be relocated to Esplanade Drive. This will affect the following bus services:

  • 75
  • 100
  • 107
  • 130
  • 131
  • 167

There will also be reconfiguration works at 3 junctions to facilitate the pedestrianisation process:

  • Parliament Place/ St Andrew’s Road
  • Fullerton Road/ Connaught Drive
  • Fullerton Road/ Esplanade Drive

To maintain accessibility within the Civic District, Parliament Place will reopen to all vehicular traffic from end-Dec 2021.

Hope park visitors can enjoy historical monuments

Plans to pedestrianise the area was first announced in Mar 2021 at the Ministry of Transport’s Committee of Supply debate.

This is in addition to the series of enhancements rolled out since 2015 to create greener and more walkable spaces.

Since May 2021, the relevant agencies have also gone through a series of engagements with various stakeholders over a 4-month period.

According to LTA’s Chief Executive, Mr Ng Lang, the Civic District is home to some of Singapore’s most significant historical monuments and cultural institutions. It is also the birthplace of modern Singapore.

Thus, they hope to offer a green, idyllic, and elegant cultural precinct for visitors to have a leisurely walk and enjoy glimpses of our past without ‘competing’ with vehicular traffic.

Posters put up at MRT stations

Once the latest pedestrianisation works are complete, the agencies will work with stakeholders to enliven the space.

These stakeholders include the Asian Civilisations Museum, Esplanade-Theatres on the Bay, National Gallery, The Arts House, and Victoria Theatre & Victoria Concert Hall.

To bring greater vibrancy to the area, open spaces will be created to hold various outdoor programmes.

New signatures and information posters have been put up at City Hall and Raffles Place MRT stations to help visitors find their way around.


These will be located prominently along walkways leading to the station exits and wall spaces above ticketing machines.


Look forward to seeing the final look around Esplande Park

We’re glad the Government is finding ways to build more green and walkable spaces for residents to enjoy.

Though it may take a while to complete, we can’t wait to see the final look and enjoy the historical and arts offerings of the area.

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Featured image adapted from NParks

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