Geylang Bistro Bar Has Sci-Fi Vibes & Neon Interiors, Serves Zi Char & Skewers

Geylang Bistro Bar Has Sci-Fi Vibes & Neon Interiors That Look Like Outer Space

Sci-fi films like Star Trek and Star Wars make us wonder when and if we’d be able to travel to space in our lifetimes.

While this might still be a far-fetched dream for most of us, we can still look forward to an out-of-this-world experience by heading to a bistro bar in a galaxy not so far away — more specifically, in Geylang.

Located next to Aljunied MRT station, Space Box 串梭時空 is a sci-fi café fitted with neon interiors that remind us of the celestial realms.

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Perhaps we can momentarily satisfy our wanderlust and get a much-needed change of scenery in this little-known destination.

Geylang bistro bar has sci-fi vibes

Upon arriving at Space Box, it’s pretty clear that it’s inspired by outer space.

True to its name, you’ll find yourself teleported to another dimension in this small joint with neon lights, hanging planets, and a futuristic aesthetic.

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The walls are filled with astronaut-inspired decor — a change of scenery from our familiar cityscapes.

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Head to their vast ‘library’ of beer with more than 17 different brands and temporarily let go of your worries for a night.

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But arguably the most gorgeous decoration lies literally above in the form of miniature planets with glowing rings.

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City lights may obscure a stargazers’ view, but at this bistro, customers can stare longingly at these mesmerising aquamarine orbs without any interference.

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Drink beer with skewers and zi char dishes

It might be easy to drift off to space given the realistic decorations, but you’ll instantly be brought back to Earth once you smell the aroma of the skewers ordered.


A huge range of lok lok is available at Space Box, starting from just $1 per stick. Choices include broccoli, man you, sausages, mushrooms, and bacon-wrapped enoki.


There are also a number of sauces available that will further elevate the taste.

  • Chicken rice chilli
  • Nonya sauce
  • Sambal Belachan
  • Thai green chilli

If lok lok alone aren’t filling enough for you, there are also zi char dishes like KL Hokkien noodle ($6.50), Sichuan spicy chicken ($15), and black garlic roast pork ($15).


A stone’s throw away from Aljunied MRT station

Space Box is located directly opposite Aljunied MRT station

Space Box 串梭时空
60 Lor 23 Geylang, #01-01 D’Innova, Singapore 388384
Opening Hours: 11am–11pm daily
Nearest MRT: Aljunied MRT station
Website: Space Box 串梭時空 Facebook page

Head over for a short expedition away from Earth

Space Box is the ideal place for sci-fi enthusiasts who are looking for a short expedition away from planet Earth.

Do stop by if you’re also eager for a refreshing night with beer, skewers, and affordable zi char dishes.

While travel options might still be limited now, perhaps Space Box will temporarily help to keep our wanderlust at bay.

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Featured image adapted from Facebook, Google Maps, and Burpple

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