Pasir Panjang Condo Has The Only Funicular Lift In Singapore

Elevator rides are a normal, everyday affair. But for residents of a Pasir Panjang condominium, it resembles a ride on a Hong Kong Peak Tram.

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While the Palisades condominium might look unassuming and even antiquated on the outside, its lifts are one of the most unique ones you’ll find in Singapore today.

Featuring the only funicular lift in the country, residents are treated to views overlooking Pasir Panjang, stretching all the way to the PSA port in the distance.

Pasir Panjang condo lift travels upslope horizontally

Tucked in a quiet corner of Pasir Panjang is the Palisades condominium.


It might not look like much but the 36-year-old building boasts one of the most unique lifts in Singapore and perhaps even Asia.

Getting on the funicular lift is almost like getting on the Peak Tram in Hong Kong. It travels upslope horizontally instead of the vertical experience we usually have. Here’s a glimpse of the experience courtesy of TikToker @_garyberry.


It’s truly a next-level lift. Travelling up along the railway track, the lift is flanked on both sides by apartment units on each level.

Pasir Panjang condo liftSource

According to Property Guru, each of the 18 units even has a private lift lobby of their own, with the lift taking them right to their doorstep.

Pasir Panjang condo liftSource

Scenic views overlooking Pasir Panjang

The slow-moving funicular lift might not be the most efficient, but it certainly makes for an uplifting experience.

When travelling down, it provides scenic views overlooking the Pasir Panjang area.

Pasir Panjang condo liftSource

In fact, the view stretches both high and far. On a good day, you’ll enjoy views of the Greater Southern Waterfront.

But of course, there are drawbacks. According to a resident, when the lift is down, the only other option is to walk up unsheltered stairs that run along the outside of the building, which if you live on the upper floors, can be a pain.

Lift travels at 22 degrees uphill

The name of the apartment, Palisades, means a line of long, straight cliffs.

According to The Property Runway, the freehold apartment complex was built in 1985 with a central focus on privacy.

Each unit is stacked on top of another along the hill.

Pasir Panjang condo liftSource

The funicular lift that goes up along the tracks in the middle of the units travels at a 22-degree angle upwards.

It is said to be the only funicular lift in Singapore. Plus, there are only 3 in Asia and 10 in the world remaining.

With such unique features and nearby MRTs, the condominium is highly valued.

One of the units is actually for sale now on Property Guru, going at $1,001 per square foot for a whopping price of $3.3 million.

Not open to public

While we often think that we’ve seen all that Singapore has to offer, our little island city never ceases to amaze.

What a treat it is to be one of these lucky residents at the Palisades to experience such a unique escalator every day.

Unfortunately, the compound is not open to the public. But if you have deep pockets and money to spare, you can become a resident at this historical apartment complex too.

Otherwise, you might have to wait for an invitation from an acquaintance who happens to live there or be a delivery rider so you can stop by to deliver food or packages.

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Featured image adapted from @_garyberry on TikTok and @mamsandraa on TikTok.