Home-Fix Closes All 23 Physical Stores In S’pore, Last 2 Outlets In Tampines &...

Home-Fix began as a charcoal & firewood store in the 1960s.

Kungfu PMD Officer Suspended In Police Case, Errant Rider Treated For Abrasions On-Site

The injured officer was sent to the hospital for treatment.

New Star Wars Movie Might Trigger Seizures As It Has Continuous Flashing Lights, Warns...

Ask a friend to watch it first if you are sensitive to flashing lights.

Pouring All Your Fries On A Tray Isn’t A Great Idea ‘Cause It’s Unhygienic...

Better stick to eating from the pack itself.

Yishun Woman Hangs Mynah Bird From Pole To Teach It A Lesson, NParks Investigates

Bird invasion is no Mynah issue for this woman.

ICA Uncovers 32 Packets Of Illegal Cigarettes Sandwiched Between 4 Loaves Of Bread

Naughty ah, hide ciggis inside roti.


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