8 Men In Shell Heist Stole Oil Worth S$190 Million More Than Original Estimate

Just when you thought over-pumping petrol in Malaysia is ballsy.

Singapore & Malaysia Remain Brothers Till The End, Says Netizen Calling For Unity

We're with you till the end of the line.

Illegal E-Scooter Riders Face $2,000 Fine & 3-Month Jail Term In 2019

E-scooters must now have personal ID stickers.

Single Cockroach On Stair Landing Sparks Friendly Banter Between MPs

Some people are easily triggered by cockroaches.

Chew Eng Han Found Guilty Of Sampan Escape Attempt From Singapore

Facing the music for real this time.

Biker Violently Crashes Into Car At Orchard Road, Walks Away Just Fine

Thankfully, he walked away mostly unscathed.



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