S’porean Man Directs Girls To Handicap Toilet, Then Tries To Unlock Door With 20...

Please be wary of your surroundings.

S’pore Dog Gets Hit By Car At Woodlands, SPCA Seeks Dashcam Footage In Police...

His dog friend came to check on him, after the accident.

Why The Avengers Are The Real Winners Of The #DarylAidenChallenge

Hilarious Take On Social Media Challenge Shows Avengers In Singapore The Daryl Aiden Yow controversy might be dying down but people's enthusiasm for the ensuing #DarylAidenChallenge is far from over. Undergraduate Melvyn Koh showed off his Photoshop skills when he decided to bring the Avengers to Singapore. He writes, Instead of photoshop-ing oneself...

SMRT Feedback Takes On School Bullies Who Used Toilet Brush To Torment Fellow Student

Disturbing Video Shows Bullies Using Toilet Brush And Seat To Degrade Fellow Student The Internet's favourite vigilante group is back. Source This time, SMRT Feedback is taking on a bunch of bullies, alleged to be from Assumption Pathway School. The secondary-level school caters to students unable to access or complete mainstream secondary education. In a video...

Yeo’s Canned Drinks Look Similar, Netizen Gets Refund For Mistaken Purchase

He emailed the company to ask for his $1 back.

This Local Pai Kia Parody Of Voice Transitioning Videos Will Crack You Up

Pai kia change voice until raise awareness you know.

Boon Keng Police Post Fire Not Linked To Terrorism, Man Unhappy With Social Inequality

He faces up to 7 years in jail, and a fine.


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