13 Singapore Celebrities Who Look Different Then And Now

Are they really the same person?

Plastic surgery might be a common thing in Hollywood, but Singaporeans are still pretty conservative when it comes to the touchy issue of plastic surgery. There’s nothing wrong with going under the knife – it isn’t a crime to want to make yourself look better and feel more confident. So let this list be your inspiration.

Here are 13 celebrities who look different then and now – some more drastically than the others. While some sought the help of surgery and openly admit it, others claim to use non-surgical methods like sticking double eyelid tape or even hormones. Well… plastic surgery or not, you be the judge.

 1. Joanne Peh


Before: Taiping princess (read: flat chested)

After: Hot bikini babe showing a generous amount of cleavage

Controversy: Peh started tongues wagging when she appeared in a Channel 8 cooking show in a low-cut halter neck dress, revealing a shocking D-cup. Peh claimed her boobs always swell up by a cup size when it comes to the time of the month. Well, we’re sure they’ll continue to swell to ginormous proportions now that she’s pregnant.

Plastic surgery?: The artiste never admitted to having plastic surgery.

2. Felicia Chin



Before: Fresh-faced typical good girl with small eyes

After: Doe-eyed lass with a wide, infectious smile

Controversy: In 2009, Chin was embroiled in controversy after fellow MediaCorp artiste, Dasmond Koh’s statement about Chin being “fake from waist up” were taken out of context and blown out of proportions by the media. She also broke down in an episode of Channel U’s Celebritea Break, as hosts Guo Liang and Quan Yifeng constantly interrogated her about her alleged plastic surgery.

Plastic surgery?: Chin initially denied having done plastic surgery and claimed to have achieved double eyelids through long-term usage of double eyelid tape. However, she eventually admitted that she had eyelid surgery done on the right eye. She denied having her boobs done nonetheless.

3. Fiona Xie

Screen Shot 2015-05-11 at 1.10.47 pm

Before: Looked like your girl next door, with slightly protruding, crooked teeth and a bad fringe cut.

After: Drop dead gorgeous busty chick who left a void in everyone’s heart when she left MediaCorp for good.

Plastic surgery?: Never admitted.

4. Ann Kok


Before: A young woman trapped in an auntie’s body. What’s with the cropped auntie-like hair and the skimpy v-cut spaghetti top anyway?

After: Shaved a whole lot of years off her age and seems to be getting younger by the day. What sorcery is this?!

Controversy: The twin peaks. It’s always about her boobs. In 1996’s Star Awards, Kok was clad in a translucent black top with a black bra underneath. Just two years ago, Kok showed up in a Herve Leger dress with her assets on the verge of spilling out.


Plastic surgery?: Kok has never admitted to having any work done. Whatever it is, Kok is still looking as youthful as before and certainly having the last laugh.


P.S. Her boobs are real, by the way. Quan Yifeng can vouch for that.

5. Wong Li-Lin


Before: Small eyes with an unflattering haircut

After: Bigger eyes and definitely one hot mama

Plastic surgery?: Never admitted.

6. Lee Teng

liteng (1) copy


Before: Single eyelids which made him look sleepy

After: Well-defined double eyelids with deep folds

Plastic surgery?: Yes, double eyelids.

How it might have helped his career: Lee managed to clinch his first Top 10 Most Popular Male Artistes award this year.

7. Dawn Yeoh



Before: The cutest one of the 7 MediaCorp’s princesses

After: Sharper v-shaped face, higher eyelids. Looking much more mature compared to her former self and oozes femininity.

Plastic surgery?: Never admitted.

8. Kelly Poon



Before: Looked like a kindergarten teacher

After: Sweet-faced songstress

Plastic surgery?: Poon claimed to have keloid problems. This means she would scar easily even after wounds heal, which makes her unsuitable for plastic surgery. Instead, she uses double eyelid tape to make her eyes appear bigger.

9. By2



Before: Cute and innocent-looking pair of twins

After: Wider, cat-like eyes and sharper features that look somewhat unnatural

Plastic surgery?: Never admitted. According to Yumi, they edit their photos with photo editing apps, which might result in them looking unnatural. Right, who needs plastic when you can be just as fantastic with edits from phone apps?

10. Dawn Yang


Before: An average Jane

After: The goddess of every male homebody

Controversy: Too many. Speculations of her having been under the knife is an endless debate on the Internet, with some going as far as creating a blog in their attempt to “expose” her.

Plastic surgery?: Never admitted it

11. Ang Chiew Ting/ Bong Qiu Qiu


Before: Mature-looking with a gaunt face

After: The Japanese-looking mother of one looks significantly younger with fuller cheeks

Plastic surgery?: Yes, she even documented her experience on a Budget Barbie episode!

How it might have helped her career: Casted in Ah Boys To Men 3: Frogmen by Jack Neo. She was also in the first Ah Boys To Men movie.

12. Rachel Kum


Before: An airport runway

After: Voluptuous beauty queen

Plastic surgery?: Yes. She shared that she went for bust enhancement and did botox to make her face appear slimmer.

How it might have helped her career: Eduardo Saverin, one of Facebook’s co-founders, invested some of his fortune in Kum’s business.

13. Peggy Heng


Before: Model wannabe with overly thin brows, ah lian-ish hair and weird eyeshadow trying to werk dat pose.

After: Doll-like face that seems a tad too white

Plastic surgery?: Yes. Heng was frank about it and even documented her plastic surgery procedure online.

How it might have helped her career: Plastic surgery made her life and modelling job “perfect”. She is also “currently making her name around asia as an International Model DJ“.

Plastic surgery or not – does it matter?

Just because they are celebrities doesn’t mean they have to bare their souls for all to see – although the public has this expectation of celebrities. They may be public figures, but they’re really just like you and me and certainly have their own privacy rights. As our society progresses, the stigma of plastic surgery is no longer as prevalent as before. As they say, there are no ugly women, only lazy ones. So why criticise when someone goes under the knife to improve their appearance? Instead, let them inspire you.

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