Certis Auxiliary Police Sniffer Dogs Will Start Work This Month

Dogs have superb sniffing skills, so it’s no surprise that security teams often employ them in special operations.

Certis Singapore is one of those teams, which introduced their first ever unit of K-9 sniffer dogs: Bonzo, Naomi, Peppe, Aspa, and Turbo on Wednesday (16 Oct).


The Straits Times reported that the dogs have achieved the same standards as the Singapore Police Force‘s (SPF) own K-9 unit and are officially “mission-ready for deployment”.

Embarking on their first task this month

According to Cisco, the 5 newly-certified sniffer dogs will be embarking on their first tasks this month.

They will mainly be present at large-scale events and security operations. In addition, Certis is also planning to deploy them to assist in the aviation, entertainment and hospitality sectors.

They will be using their expert sniffing skills to detect contraband and explosive substances.


Here’s an example of Naomi identifying a luggage planted with explosives by using her expert sniffing skills.

This video was taken by The Straits Times during a media event with Certis.

Security sweeps will now be faster and more efficient with these new additions to the Cisco family.

And even though the doggos look extremely professional in their police vests, they are also undeniably super cute.

Certis dogs are only 1-2 years old


These professional-looking doggos are only one to two years old, and are either English Springer Spaniels or Labrador Retrievers from the United Kingdom and Netherlands.


Netizens in awe of their cuteness

If you think these doggos are cute, you’re not alone. When the news was announced on CNA’s Facebook page, netizens’ jaws dropped at the dogs’ adorableness.

This netizen, seemingly in love with the K-9 doggos, expressed her feelings with multiple heart-shaped eye emojis.


Another netizen also commented on how cute they looked and suggested training a chihuahua to “protect the nation”.


Proud of these doggos

We trust that being able to be a certified K-9 doggo definitely isn’t easy, and these doggos must have gone through tough training sessions before being officially certified.

Nonetheless, they did it, and we are extremely proud of them.

Feature images and all other images are taken by TODAY during the media release.