S’pore Chained Dog Needs Adopter & Leg Rehab, Was Found Lying In Her Own Pee

Chained Dog Requires Leg Rehab After Spending Years Tethered, Also Seeking Owner

No living creature likes getting chained to a spot, unable to move around freely. Yet sadly, that was the predicament a dog found herself in.

After years of getting chained up, the dog was recently found by volunteers from a Singapore animal group. Sadly, the poor doggo now needs to undergo rehabilitation for her legs after being tethered for such a long time.

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Dog was chained and lying in own urine

When visited by volunteers from Chained Dog Awareness Singapore (CDAS), Nikki, a small female mongrel, was reportedly lying still in her own urine.


Flies were also apparently swarming around the area due to the stench.

In their Facebook post, the awareness group said the encounter was “heartbreaking”, seeing the poor animal in such a “helpless state”.

Owner said dog chained after neighbours’ complaints

When asked about the chained dog, the owner said annoyingly that it’s a ‘damned if I do, damned if I don’t’ situation,

If I don’t chain her up, I received complaints. If I do, I get complaints too.

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But according to CDAS, such replies are not rare among owners who chain their dogs at factories and workshops.

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However, they added that owners have the choice to keep their pets in a responsible manner.

At the end of the day, the dog is a living creature and did not ask to be tethered.

Appeal for new home and medical bill help

Folks from CDAS is also appealing for help with Nikki’s medical bills to treat a leg injury, which involves undergoing rehabilitation.

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According to CDAS, Nikki is now unable to walk and they are in the midst of accessing if it’s a permanent paralysis.

However, they said the most important goal is to find a compassionate and committed owner willing to care for Nikki.

Animal lovers who wish to help can find more details via this link.

All dogs deserve to roam free

Dogs, like every living creature, have diverse temperaments. Still, they deserve to be treated with kindness and patience.

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In Nikki’s case, she is described as sweet and trusting, so it goes without saying that both she and her future ‘parent’ will be lucky to have each other’s company.

We hope that she’ll find the furever home she deserves soon.

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