Changi Village Hawker Centre To Close For 3 Months, Reschedule Your Nasi Lemak Supper Plans

Changi Village Hawker Centre To Close For 3 Months From 15 Aug

When it comes to late-night makan places, Easties have a wealth of options including the popular Changi Village Hawker Centre.

Famed for its numerous Nasi Lemak stalls and other hidden gems, the hawker centre is abuzz with life at nearly all hours of the day.

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However, those who frequent the food haven to satisfy their supper cravings may have to put their regular visits on hold soon.

From 15 Aug to 14 Nov, the hawker centre will close for repair and redecoration, according to a banner outside their premises.

Changi Village Hawker Centre will close till 14 Nov

The news of the hawker centre’s closure has been going around hiking and cycling enthusiast groups for days.

Apparently, many of them designate the hawker centre as the finishing point for their trips and would often end the day with supper there.

On Saturday (16 Jul), a member of the Singapore Hikers Facebook group snapped a picture of the banner hanging on the façade of the hawker centre.

Source: Zaini Rahim on Facebook

According to the notice, blocks two and three of Changi Village Road will be closed temporarily from 15 Aug.

A check on the map reveals that these blocks are the locations of the Changi Village Hawker Centre.

Affected stalls will thus close for three whole months till 14 Nov.

The East Coast Town Council, who apparently put up the banner, expects businesses to resume as normal on 15 Nov.

Home of the best Nasi Lemak in the east

For those who have yet to made the trek east, here are some signature dishes you can try at Changi Village Hawker Centre before it closes in less than a month.

We’ve banged on about the Nasi Lemak and for good reason, as Mizzy Corner Nasi Lemak is a dining institution in the East.

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Offering six different sets, any pick will leave you with the sweet taste of coconut rice and mouth-tingling sambal with every bite.

Source: Just Eat Sleep on Facebook

Another popular dish is the Chicken Chop Ipoh Hor Fun.

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Doused in savoury brown gravy and topped off with succulent slices of chicken, the hearty dish leaves folks pining for more.

These are just glimpses of what the hawker centre has in store, so one can imagine the dilemma customers often have about settling for one dish.

The closure of the venue, albeit temporarily, will thus be a huge change for many regular cusotmers.

Try other eateries in the area

Although three months may not seem long, the familiar hustle and bustle of the hawker centre will certainly be missed.

But those who frequent the area would know that there are other food options that open till late.

So if you don’t want much of your schedule to change, do consider trying out the other eateries in the area in the meantime.

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