Chill @ Chong Pang Is Expected To Open In 2027

“Make Yishun great again” is a popular phrase among Singaporeans, often alluding to multiple bizarre incidents that happened in the northern estate.

Yishun is already great, for what it’s worth. And we think this latest development comes as exciting news to folks in the north.

Come 2027, residents in Chong Pang ward of Yishun can look forward to a spanking new integrated building in the middle of their neighbourhood.

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Named Chill @ Chong Pang, the hub will house amenities like swimming pool, gym, and hawker centre all under one roof.

Chill @ Chong PangSource

Chill @ Chong Pang will house community centre & fitness studio

According to the Singapore Land Authority (SLA), the integrated hub will be located at the combined site of Chong Pang Community Club and the adjacent Block 102.

Chill @ Chong PangSource

Both buildings are found on Yishun Ave 5.

Chill @ Chong PangImage courtesy of SLA

If artist’s impressions are anything to go by, residents can look forward to enjoying rooftop swimming pools with lots of surrounding greenery.

Chill @ Chong PangImage courtesy of SLA

The hub will also house other sport facilities like fitness studios and a gym.

Image courtesy of SLA

Residents feeling hunger pangs can also choose from a rich selection of food available at the hawker centre, which will contain some familiar stalls from the neighboring Chong Pang Food Centre.

Image courtesy of SLA

Those who prefer to have a go in the kitchen themselves can also shop for grocery at the replacement market or from shops there.

Image courtesy of SLA

Artist’s impressions provided by SLA also show facilities commonly found in community centres like multi-purpose halls.

Image courtesy of SLA

Construction for the integrated hub will is expected to start in the 2nd half of 2022 and complete in 2027.

Will inject new life into Chong Pang City

Chill @ Chong Pang will no doubt be a refreshing addition to Chong Pang City, which is around 4 decades old and in need of some revitalisation.

Announcing the new hub, Minister Shanmugam hopes the place will add to the vibrancy in the estate and provide more options for residents seeking recreation and lifestyle options.

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With so many amenities under one roof, Chill @ Chong Pang is set to bring convenience to residents in a brand new, modern environment.

Know someone who lives in Yishun and will benefit in from the integrated hub in the years to come? Tag them in the comments below.

Featured image adapted from Singapore Land Authority and Facebook